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How to Make A Picture Out Of Your Jigsaw Puzzle

After spending lots of time and patience building a beautiful jigsaw puzzle you sometimes want to be able to frame it and hang it on a wall. But how do you glue the puzzle together and what items do you need for this?

In order to do this you will need to gather some items:

1. Newspaper pages or some brown paper

2. A heavy board or cardboard

3.Jigsaw puzzle glue to glue the pieces together

4. A frame or framing company to finish the piece for you.

When you finish putting together your puzzle (and you have all the pieces) get all your equipment together and ready to use. Take the newspaper, brown paper or any large piece of paper and slide it under the jigsaw puzzle so the puzzle rests on the paper and paper protrudes over the edges of the puzzle. Use your hands to push all the pieces together as tight as possible making sure the corners and edges are nice and tight. Take the jigsaw puzzle glue and smear it on the top making sure the edges of the puzzle get covered well. Some of the glues come with a brush inside but you can use your hands to smear it on the puzzle. There are some puzzle glues that are white in color. Do not worry about that as it becomes clear as it dries. Leave the puzzle to dry overnight and then again liberally smear on another coat. Let it dry again overnight. Tear off the excess paper around the puzzle. The puzzle cannot be used as a hanging picture this way because it will warp if not mounted on a hard surface. So next slide any hard board(cardboard works very well) under the jigsaw puzzle.

If your puzzle is a standard picture size you can buy a frame in a craft store or hobby store and do the framing yourself. If you find a frame you like and it has a picture in it already take the picture out and use the frame for the puzzle.

Most jigsaw puzzles today are odd sizes so you might have to locate a framing company in your area and have them do the framing. You will find that most frames will cost more than the jigsaw puzzle itself. But… it is still worth it to have this lovely picture that you made that will hang on your wall for you to look at for many years to come.

Source by Arlene Placer

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