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How to Make Any Woman to Obey Your Command – And Persuade Her to Do Anything You Wish

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Have you ever heard of seduction triggers that you can use to turn any negative reaction on a woman’s part into something that works for you? Such is the power of persuasive seduction that women who previously thought you don’t cut it will change their mind in a flash.

In fact, if you do it right, you will even get women to do anything you want. The secret is in the way you utilize psychological prompts to persuade women to go out with you. Read on to find out what techniques you can use to make it happen.

“Persuasive Seduction” Methods To Make Her Do Anything You Want

Tactic #1. “Tame Her”. A woman’s first instinct when they’re faced with a strong and dominant man is to obey. This is evolution in action, dude, so listen up.

Women who are always used to busting men with weak personalities will instantly turn coquettish and demure when you turn on the tyrannical charm. You should be someone she respects and trusts before she can hand over her control of the interaction to you. Leadership skills are what you need to turn a girl into a follower.

Tactic #2. “Unique Approach”. One thing that will make a woman stick around is the fact that she’s invariably intrigued by you. If you show behaviour that is different from all the other men who approached her that night, you have a better chance of getting her number and setting up a date in the future.

Tactic #3. “Your Secret Bag of Dirty Tricks”. Who said you can’t use underhanded techniques to persuade women to go out with you? You can, and here’s how: use hypnosis.

In particular, you can utilize the lessons you can learn from a seduction technique called Fractionation, which involves making a woman feel emotionally dependent on you from the get-go. By making her go through an emotional roller coaster, you’re making her feel closer to you than anyone in the room.

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