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How to Make Double-Strength Coffee in Your Coffee Maker

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Feeling tired and groggy from pulling out an all-nighter? One way to keep you awake enough to function properly the whole day is through a very strong cup of Joe. Your usually coffee flavour can be doubled in strength if you want something that can really wake you up.

Okay, here is a way for you to make your coffee stronger:

Tip 1: Fill out the water tank with half the usual amount of water. You are getting less java in one brewing cycle but it will produce stronger coffee taste. Next, fill up the coffee basket with the usual amount of coffee grounds. Then hit the brewing button. This will give you a stronger java flavour.

Tip 2: If you are using K-cups, the taste is pretty uniform. Get a refillable K-cup and then fill the cup up to the brim. Make sure you tamp the java grounds to squeeze as much coffee grounds as you can. And then use a quarter cup less of water. This will surely get you the desired strength you want.

Tip 3: Choose a brewer with varying strength. There are many brewers today that can let you tweak the strength settings.

Tip 4: You might want to use French Press java machines. This will give you a strong coffee taste without having to use too much java grounds or too less water. It dispenses the use of coffee filters which is why the java essential oils are carefully extracted. Many java enthusiasts prefer the use of this manual machine as it produces the strongest flavour.

Tip 5: Get a brewer with a shower head. There are many drip coffee makers that just do not cut it when it comes to flavour. You will find those machines highly rated because of its taste having a shower head. This helps extract the essential oils from the grounds of coffee and will produce a stronger taste.

Tip 5: Choose gourmet coffee that really has a stronger taste to begin with. You might want to have a stock of stronger coffee at the ready for this situation. Use the coffee grounds when you are doing the first tips and this will provide the result you are looking for.

In case you need something to keep your lids from shutting, you can try the tips mentioned above. A stronger flavoured coffee will surely give you the energy you need for a few hours.

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