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How to Make Him Choose You – Get Him to Take You Over Any Other Women

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So what do you need to do to get him to totally get over her, and choose you far above this other girl?

1. The top way to make him choose you clear cut over his ex. Is by being more and better than his ex. It might sound tough, but it’s really very simple. You must show him that you are more emotionally stable than his ex and have far more endearing qualities than she does. This is critical plan on forging a place in his heart for good.

The most important thing you must do is show this person that you are goal oriented and have desires beyond what he can provide for you. The importance of this is to show that you are not dependent on him for love and support. You will show that you are grounded and have a strong foundation. Nothing is more attractive than having this quality.

2. Another powerful thing you can do is to be flirtatious with his peers. Make eye contact with them and compliment them about some quality of their appearance(hair, eyes, etc) When they are around, pay little attention to him and make him focus only on you.

Men cannot tolerate the idea of having their ego shattered. This will definitely make him start to take his mind completely off his ex and pursue you solely.

You must show him that you are not to be toyed with. Having you in his life would give him extreme value and he would be foolish to consider any other possibility. Remember not to mention anything whatsoever about his ex. You are trying to place all the attention on you and him.

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