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How to Make Him Curious – Follow These Great Tips & Watch Him Get Extremely Intrigued by You

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Wanna make a man curious? Begin by asking yourself the right question – what piques a man’s interest? What would it take to make you appear desirable to a man? Once you’re able to answer these questions, then you’ll be ready to make the right moves. Here are some of the tips you need to follow right away…

Men want women who are able to carry a good conversation

If you’re a good conversationalist, you could go to any place and talk with just about anyone. You can only achieve this if you’re a well-read person and if you spend time to watch the news. Commonly, women would just talk about fashion or makeup but a woman who’s a notch better would talk about current events and ideas.

An undying enthusiasm

Any man would want to go out with someone who’s always full of life. Enthusiasm is highly infectious so go ahead and impress him with this. Make him wonder what makes you always up on your toes and what constantly makes you happy.

Intrigue him

Make him wonder what’s behind your sweet smile and what things he’d discover once he gets to know you. Tell him some things about you and just when his interest starts to peak, tell him you’d tell it to him on another day.

Give him food – lots of ’em

Entice men with your unique dishes and they automatically become the weaker species. Keep in mind that when you feed a man, he’ll keep coming back for more.

Those luscious curves

Since men are visual beings, you may want to work on those sexy curves. If you haven’t been hitting the gym for a few weeks, then it’s time to go back and reestablish your routine. The result: he’d be curious on how you are able to maintain your whistle-bait figure.

Flirt then withdraw

Men love being flattered and you can begin doing this with him. But once he responds, try holding back a little. This will definitely drive him nuts and he’ll have no choice but to keep asking for more of your attention.

Let him chase you

Men love chasing anyway so give him what he wants. Don’t call him, wait for him to be the one to call you. Don’t be the one to set a date, wait for him to do so. He’ll be really curious why his good looks and charm work with other girls yet you seem to be unaffected!

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