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How to Make Him Feel Sorry? Here is How to Make Him Realize All the Mistakes He Has Made So Far

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Are you feeling helpless and frustrated because you think your boyfriend is being heartless and cold and does not seem to be sorry for cheating on you? Well there is no use moping about it – here is what you should do to make him feel sorry for bringing you so much heartache!

Give him the cold shoulder

Stop hanging around him with that “I’m feeling sorry for myself” look on your face. It will do nothing for you! The thing is that you should get him to realize how bad he’s been. You should start by ignoring him and giving him the cold shoulder. This will probably surprise him and he will wonder if his behavior has made him lose you.

Make new friends

So you have been neglecting yourself completely since you have been with him. You catered to his needs etc but see where it got you! It’s time to get out and make new friends – friends who will appreciate you and treat you right. This will also surprise him.

Start perking up and enjoy yourself

He probably expects you to sit at home crying your heart out and perhaps that is exactly what you did for a while. It is time to go out and have a ball! Join a club and take up some new hobbies and activities that are enjoyable and at the same time keep you busy! He will be irked to see you so occupied with something else!

Be magnanimous

Once you have started enjoying life all over again, speak to him or write him a letter stating that you forgive him and would like to be just friends. Let him know that you are genuine and don’t hold a grudge. This will break him and he will begin to feel sorry for treating you bad.

Don’t say no to dates

If your new friend wants to date you, perhaps you should give it a try. Make sure you really like him and are not dating on the rebound. This will make your ex feel rotten. He will regret losing you.

Look better than before

This will really make him sit up! Take great trouble to look gorgeous and sexy. It could be that you allowed yourself to get out of shape. Join a gym and get back into shape as quickly as possible. Once you’re there – flaunt your new look! He is going to be sorry he messed up!

Keep your distance

No matter how he tries to get in touch with you again – keep your distance and let him watch you having a wonderful time and looking so good. Smile, say hello and even wear his favorite color – but don’t get too close! This is a sure way to rub salt in his wounds and at the same time make him sorry!

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