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How to Make Him Feel That He Can't Live Without You

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Some women have men bewitched. They have a certain way of relating to men that disarm men and cause them to keep coming around for more.

Do you know how to make a man feel enchanted by you? It starts by having an inner shift and this inner shift will naturally tune men into you.

If you are not having success in your relationships, it is because you do not know the truth about men and commitment. You are exhibiting certain behaviors that drive men away.

I know how difficult and frustrating it can be when it comes to understanding men and how they work. But take heart. Once you know and respond a certain way, men will gravitate towards you and you will wonder where ALL of these men have been. Well…they’ve been there all along. They were just waiting for you to get in tune and send the right signal.

Women who are successful with men all have a certain way they respond. One of the personality traits that these women possess is having a centered and fun aura about them. In other words, they are fun and self-confident.

For example, these women are able to be their true authentic selves and not worry about whether men will reject them. They carry an inner truth and live by a certain standard.

So when a quality man comes across a woman who possess this attitude about her, it automatically cause him to be intrigued.

A man will compare you to all of the other women he’s encountered or been with. I’m sure you do the same. You need to respond to him not like ANY other woman, but the sort of woman he can’t see himself without.

Source by Nicole Gayle

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