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How to Make Him Run Back to You – Proven Steps to Take to Get a Man Back

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You’re wondering how to make him run back to you. You and your ex have drifted so far apart that you question if there’s even any hope left for the two of you. Break ups are very difficult and are even more challenging if you can’t let go because you believe so strongly that he’s the man you’re meant to be with. You envision the day when he’ll call you and tell you that he just can’t live without you. Better yet, in your dream he’s on your doorstep, clearly emotional with flowers in hand. You can make that a reality. You have the power to make him see that you are indeed the ideal woman for him. You may be surprised that it’s actually not that difficult to get him back forever.

Understanding how to make him run back to you starts with presenting yourself in a very specific way. It’s completely understandable that you would be very emotional after the break up. That’s not easy to hide. It comes through in the form of crying and begging with him. Each and every time you do this, you’re showing him that you’re weak and not mature enough to handle a change in the relationship. He’s going to feel justified in the break up. That’s why you have to pull yourself together and act like the confident woman you are. Control your emotions. Do not allow them to control you.

You must also be prepared to alter your expectations for the time being. He’s no longer your boyfriend and simply wishing for that to change, is not going to work. Instead, you need to move forward with developing a new connection between the two of you. Be friendly with him. Treat him as you would any other friend, regardless of gender. Keep things light and carefree. Your goal with this is to get him to let his guard down again.

By far, the most persuasive tactic to make him run back to you is to let him go. Once you stop showing interest in a man, he’ll start to show more interest in you. This works when you meet a new man and also when you’re trying to win back a man you’ve already been with. It drives a man absolutely crazy if he feels you may no longer want him. Even if he rejected you initially, if you reject him now, it will make him desire you again. Get busy staying away from him. Avoid him for a few weeks and suddenly you’ll notice that his interest in you will be peaked again.

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