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How to Make Him Think of Me & Only Me All the Time? Keys to Get Him Super Intrigued Fast

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Which woman doesn’t want to be in her man’s thoughts at all times? If you think that such things happen only in dreams or movies you are wrong. Here are a few ways to make your man think of you.

Spend memorable moments together

If you spend quality time together and have fun while doing so then your man is going to think of you a lot. He will look forward to the time that he has to spend with you. Make sure you both are relaxed and you don’t give him any unnecessary amount of stress so that he thinks of you when you are not with him.

Tickle his sense of smell

The sense of smell is very powerful. It can tickle his brain in ways that you didn’t even think was possible. A familiar smell can trigger many memories so make sure that you have one signature smell. Every time he gets a whiff of your perfume he will think of you.

Use a special tone and voice when you speak to him

If you want your man to think of you then you have to use a special tone and voice to talk to him. He will remember the way you speak to him when you are not there with him and will make him think of you.

Make an electronic appearance

If you want him to think of you then you have to give him some sudden surprises but without making an appearance. Send him an email on a day that you know he’s not that busy. Detail out some personal stuff like something that you would like to do to him or would like him to do to you

Burn an image in his head

The next time you are making breakfast in his house do it a little differently. Instead of getting completely dressed for work, wear his shirt and nothing else and make breakfast. He will be thinking of your burning image for a long time to come.

Be a little unavailable for him

Sometimes you need to make a guy pine and wait for you to get him to think of you all the time. So cut him off at times or make plans with someone else and meet him later. He will want you more when you make yourself a little scarce and will also get thinking of you a lot more

Back off without being asked to do so

A guy will be nice enough not to tell you to back off when you are trampling his space. But you should be wise enough to do so before he asks you to. When you give him his space he thinks of you a lot more and a lot often.

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