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How to Make My Penis Fatter – Read This is You Want to Achieve Up to a 9" Sized Penis Naturally

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A penis with good girth is surely to bring extreme satisfaction to a man’s partner. What if you are not blessed with a girth that will be the envy of most men? What can you do? Though your partner is not complaining, of course you are out to satisfy her all the more. Are there any ways for you to increase the girth of your penis thus making it fatter? Maybe this is the question you have long been asking yourself. Every time you watch porn, do you secretly wish that you are as well endowed as the male porn star so you can hear your partner scream and scream some more? Well, there exercises so you don’t have to worry anymore! These exercises are not only easy to do, they are proven safe and effective as well. I would like to concentrate in one method which is proven to be the most effective natural exercise for increasing penis girth.

The exercise is the Edging Method, also known as the Ballooning method. What this exercise does is to develop the spongy tissue at the base of the shaft for a wider, thicker and fatter girth. The downside to this exercise is it takes a lot of control and practice. The process of this exercise is to control ejaculation or better known as orgasm at least three times. You have to be fully in control in order for you to complete this exercise. You should start this exercise with warm bath for 10 minutes or putting warm towel over your penis for 5 minutes to increase blood flow and circulation. Continue by masturbating. When you are almost at the point of orgasm, stop and relax. When relaxed, put warm moist towel over your penis for 2 minutes. You have to be mindful that there is no ejaculation of semen as it may not enable you to perform or complete the exercise. You will know if you have successfully executed the first round by feeling the penis. If the penis is heavily throbbing, then that’s an indication that you are now doing the exercise the right way.

After relaxing, remove the warm towel over the penis and continue on masturbating. The same process has to be followed. The succeeding rounds will be easier as you probably have already understood the technique. If you wish to do more than three rounds, that is even better.

This exercise not only will make your penis fatter, but would increase your longevity in bed. It is known that women reach orgasm longer than men so mastering this exercise would enable you to make your girl reach multiple orgasm. Just imagine, not only will you have a fatter penis you have always dreamed of in three weeks it will also make you the best lover on earth!

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