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How to Make Semen Thicker – Get Massive and Powerful Ejaculations

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Thicker semen is great in terms of fertility as compared to thin or watery semen. But this is not all!

A vast majority of women find large volume of thick semen as visually stimulating. Women like powerful men and they view thicker semen as a part of your male power and sexual virility.

Hence, if you dribble out a few drops of watery semen every time you ejaculate, you need to do something about it.

First of all, try to reduce your sex frequency. What I mean to say is that restraining form ejaculating for a couple of days can help shoot up both semen volume and thickness. The ideal period is about 3 days!

Secondly and more importantly, take care of your diet.

Your diet is the single most factor that affects all your body secretions and it is no different in case of your semen.

Go for Zinc- Zinc is the most important mineral as far as your semen production is concerned. Not only does it help increase the volume of your semen but also boosts your sperm count. So if you want to be more potent and produce larger volume of thicker semen, you must have foods like oysters, red meat, bananas, chicken, eggs etc.,

Not only this, essential fats or EFA’s are also extremely important.

This is because they are required by your body for the production of testosterone. This is the hormone that controls sex drive, erectile function and semen production in men. It is hard to imagine men without this hormone.

Olives, olive oil, nuts, beans, avocados, fish like salmons and sardines etc., are great sources of essential fats that you must include in your diet.

Natural Semen Enhancing Supplements

Besides the above foods, natural or herbal semen enhancing supplements can do a lot of good for both your semen production and overall sexual health.

Such supplements combine all natural ingredients including herbs and minerals to make your body produce larger volume of thicker semen.

Some of the ingredients used in high quality pills include solidilin, ku gua, san guo mu, dong chong xia cao, zinc oxide. ling zhi, xian mao, l-arginine etc.

I agree these Chinese names are some great tongue twisters but they can do wonders for your sex life.

Such supplements can ensure an increase of up to 500% in your semen volume within a few months. You must have them for at least 3 months to get the best results.

Apart from increasing your semen volume, such supplements also help you get harder and longer lasting erections so that you can enjoy best ever sex!

Top quality supplements are clinically approved and do not have any side effects.

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