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How to Make the Virgo Man Love You

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The man born under the sign of Virgo will be one of the most loyal and committed of lovers, once you are accepted by this careful and speculative person. A Virgo man is actually hard to get rid of, so you better be sure he’s the one before you start anything with him!

This is not meant as a slight on the Virgo male. In fact, they are very responsive to the feelings of others, and believe in the old-fashioned ideas of respect, virtue, and decency. Consequently, a Virgo man will not be impressed by loud, over-bearing people who exhibit little self-control. He is attracted to those who can be exciting and compelling without being over the top.

You will have to accept the fact that the Virgo man likes things his way. This is not because he is overly selfish or egotistical. He just likes order and any semblance of perfection he can get in his life. So, he will be set in his ways to a certain extent, but his love and affection will no know bounds once he falls for you.

Put on your running shoes if you want to chase a Virgo. They are constantly in motion. They would rather do than sit, and if you enjoy an active life with new surprises, you will find yourself on the Virgo man’s most wanted list.

He is also one of the more emotional men in the zodiac family, and this can be somewhat unpredictable at times. But the person that can respond to him without judgment or harsh criticism and with support and genuine warmth will find there’s no more demonstrative or giving partner than the Virgo man.

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