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How to Make Women Chase You – Using 2 Covert Seduction Techniques

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Do you know what it takes to get females to do the chasing instead? The truth is it is POSSIBLE to get them to chase you – but only if you know the specific tactics that will “trigger” their attraction to you. The thing is that most men think that they will need to do the chasing all the time – but the reality is that master seducers use “role reversal” strategies so that they just sit back and wait for women to come after them. You too can do this – read on to discover the surefire ways to get women to chase you…and get amazing results fast…

How To Make Women Chase You – Using 2 Covert Seduction Techniques

Technique #1: “Spike Her Curiosity”. Curiosity killed the cat – and will also boost your seduction superpowers! When she is curious, she experiences this phenomenon called the Ziegarnik Effect – she will get addicted to you. This is similar to movie cliffhangers – you will be kept interested as long as there is no ‘closure’ to the story. Tell her your life story and keep her interested by making her feel curious.

Technique #2: “Use Hypnosis”. While not many will tell you this, but master seducers have been using hypnosis to make women fall for them since twenty years back. Hypnosis techniques, while controversial, are very effective in making women emotionally connected to men.

One such technique, called fractionation, is known to make women fall in love in 15 minutes or even less. The spectacular thing about this technique is that it is completely ‘white hat’, but at the same time very effective. It involves making women go through an emotional rollercoaster in a conversation, and at the same time ‘anchors’ their positive feelings to you. As a result, women become emotionally dependent on you, and will be compliant to your requests. Killer stuff!

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