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How To Make Your Boyfriend Obsessed With You! Here Is How to Develop Massive Amounts of Attraction!

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Do you feel that your boyfriend isn’t giving you the attention you need? Do you feel that he isn’t attracted to you? Do you want to make him completely obsessed with you? If so, read on. I’m about to reveal to you the exact psychological tricks you can use to make your boyfriend feel intensely attracted to you. You will have him chasing you…

Here are the ultra effective psychological tricks to make your boyfriend obsessed with you…

Be desirable – Attraction to men is mainly visual. Men tend to be attracted based on looks more than women. But it doesn’t determine the course of a relationship. If you dress yourself well and make yourself look good, he is going to like and love you.

Become the desirable woman you were earlier. Work on your looks. It will help get his attention. Getting a makeover will work wonders for you. Get a nice sexy hair cut. Expose your legs on your dates. This will get him to notice you.

Change your behavior – One of the main reasons why men tend to ignore their girlfriends after dating for a while is because women tend to become clingy. If your man’s ignoring you, your behavior could be the one that’s causing it. A clingy attitude is good enough to make him lose all his attraction towards you. Be independent.

Ignore him – All humans pursue the things that retreat from them. If you want to have your man chasing you, you must ignore him. The law works extremely well in this case. Retreat from your man and within no time, you will find him coming after you for your love and affection. Ignore him by not talking to him for a while and by not answering his calls.

Crack jokes – Men are extremely tensed beings. If you want to make him connect in your conversations, you’ve got to lighten up the tension by cracking a few jokes. Crack a few jokes. Tease him playfully. Do everything you can do to make the moment fun.

Appear not to hear him – One way to really change a man’s attitude towards you is by acting as though he doesn’t exist. When he’s talking to you, act as though he isn’t there and you don’t even hear him. This will make him feel like shit which will eventually make him realize his mistake. Do that and look at the things that happen from there.

Source by Kristina Hoffman

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