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How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Crawl Back to You – Proven Tips to Get Him Back

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One thing you likely think about a lot since your break up is how to make your ex boyfriend crawl back to you. When a man has dumped you and you’re left in a puddle of emotional turmoil, you’d do just about anything to get him back. You don’t think twice of plotting elaborate schemes based on untruths to recapture his attention. Some prime examples of things women have done before you include sending long love letters, claiming a family member has died or even pretending to be very sick. These are all pathetic attempts at getting a man back and won’t work. What does work is a proven plan that will show him you’re worth loving again.

If you want to make your ex boyfriend crawl back to you, you have to make yourself completely irresistible to him. That sounds incredibly challenging if you two have just broken up. Obviously if he adored you, a break up would never have occurred. Instead of focusing on the last few days or weeks of the relationship, think back to when you two first got together. He wanted you then. Use the insight you gained from your time with him to become a woman you know he’ll be attracted to. That may mean changing your attitude a bit, lowering your expectations of him and even spending a bit of time working on being a kinder, more compassionate person. Just transform yourself back into the woman he fell in love with.

One key thing to bear in mind when you want to make a man crawl back to you is you have to make him feel you’re just out of his reach. Once you’ve improved who you are as a person, talk to him again. Meet him for a quick coffee or lunch. Be calm, be cool and be completely in control. Don’t mention the break up at all or what led up to it. Also, don’t talk about how much you miss him or wish things were different. Your goal during this meeting is to show him the new you and to keep him at arm’s length.

Men want to be challenged when they’re interested in a woman. They want to feel as though they have to work to get her to love them. Become this for your ex boyfriend. By being a bit distant or standoffish you’ll be silently sending him the message that you are not his for the taking anymore. That alone will make you much more appealing to him. Playing it cool and staying calm is the best advice you can follow if you want to get him to come crawling back, begging you for another chance.

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