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How to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Chase You! Get Her to Feel Super Attracted Towards You Again

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If your girlfriend dumped you then this doesn’t mean that she has stopped loving you and is completely over her feelings. If you want to get her back then you can actually make your ex girlfriend chase you instead. Yes! There are still chances that she will get attracted to you and would want to do anything to get back into your life. Here are some surefire ways to get her chasing you!

Play the ‘single and happy’ game:

Let your ex girlfriend know that life has not stopped for you and you can have fun without her. Spend time with your friends and appear to be having a great time. Your ex will surely miss being with you.

Upload your pictures in social networking sites:

There are many women who keep a track of their ex boyfriends through the social networking sites. You can use this to your advantage. Upload pictures of some social gathering where you had great fun. This will make your ex-girlfriend want to enjoy good times together.

Turn yourself into an ‘Alpha male’:

This is a sure shot way to get a woman’s attention. Pay attention to your looks and the way you carry yourself. Turn yourself into an alpha male with lots of sex appeal and you will soon become the talk of the town. This will make your ex girlfriend jealous and she will chase you before others do.

Get spotted with gorgeous women:

Let your ex girlfriend spot you enjoying the company of gorgeous women. Do not flirt with the women but appear as having a great time. Your girlfriend will be jealous and will fear losing your forever.

Let your success speak:

When you are single, focus on your career and other activities. When success comes to you, you will be in the limelight. She will want to come back to you and enjoy the sweet taste of success together.

Act mature and get her attention:

Appear like you have accepted the fact that she dumped you and have moved on with life. Even if you are dying to be with her, act mature and let her feel that you are doing well without her.

Recreate the romance while staying away:

Keep your distance from her but occasionally send a nice message or just drop a ‘hi’ at her social networking site. This will keep you in her mind always and want to get back to the wonderful old time. If you follow these tips closely, you will soon have her chasing you!

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