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How to Make Your Ex Lust For You! The Step by Step Solution Which Will Force Them to Do Just That!

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Why get your ex back, when you can literally make your ex lust for you? Once you make your ex lust for you again, you will easily win them over in other aspects, because it means you will have psychologically tapped into their emotional side.

In fact, you can use this STEP by STEP system to make your ex lust for you….

Step #1: Triggering Seduction

The first step, is to drastically cut down the contact between your ex and you so that you can SEDUCE your ex on terms beyond simply speaking. Remember that you are at an advantage here, because you have been with your ex before, which means you are able to know what seduces them in the first place.

Use their psychological seduction trigger points to drive them over the edge and want you more, but DO NOT give your ex anything. What this means is that you will play a game of hard to get.

You will literally become the most seductive and sexy person for your ex, and you will allow them to see this, but you will block them from any chance of having you, by ignoring them in between.

This will make your ex want you more, because firstly, you have cut down the contact. That builds curiosity which your ex cannot resist, and secondly, your ex will feel as though they MUST get your attention again, which in turn seduces them more now that you have a higher value.

Step #2: Intellectual Instinct

As human beings, we have intellectual instincts which trigger us to feel attraction and lust in the first place. For instance, women often have an instinct which makes them prefer dominant males to any other type, and in return they cannot help but feel lust for that kind of a man, even without realizing it.

The same goes for your ex, no matter the gender, because we all have intellectual instincts.

What you should do then, is trigger this instinct and make your ex intellectually lust after you, by becoming the person they want emotionally and mentally. You can get a good idea of the kind of person your ex desires, by looking at his/her parents, their friends, and the people they are dating.

To be the kind of person your ex would really want, do everything his/her friends who are the same gender as you do, but take it a step further. People choose to be friends with those of the opposite gender, because there was something they liked about the person, but also a couple things which were lacking.

All you have to do is find out what these friends were lacking, and DO those things. This will psychologically trigger lust in your ex’s mind; because you will be EXACTLY like the kind of person they want, but even better, since you are drawing your examples DIRECTLY from those around your ex, without them knowing it.

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