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How to Make Your Ex Miss You on Facebook

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Breakups are often painful for everybody and no matter how strong you are the feeling of loneliness never leaves the heart. It is the time when people like to cuddle someone and pour out their anguish. In fact, if your Ex is on Facebook, you can follow certain tips to force him or her to sit up and take notice. Some of them are given below:

Do not unfriend the person:

Do not unfriend the account of your ex but instead find ways to attract the individual. In addition, deleting somebody from the friend list may indicate your weakness.

Photos, Photos, and Photos:

If you want to know how to make your ex miss you on Facebook, try uploading the photos of recent parties you have attended. Nine out of 10 times, the person might get pissed off. The whole purpose of the exercise is to show one upon a time beloved that you are enjoying every moment of life. Visit a club and take the planet of selfies along with your friends and post on the profile. It is a sure shot way to get a return call from your ex.

Highlight achievements on Facebook:

Picture this; you have won the best student award in the university. Do not shy away, but upload the video of the prize ceremony on the social media. Not only you will get a plethora of likes, but also win silent admiration from Ex.

Relationship Status:

Change the relationship status to “engaged” in order to show that you are having an affair with the other person. You might get so many notifications but the step can touch the raw nerve of the Ex.

Indulge in the adventure:

If you have separated from the beloved, do not sulk in a corner, but go out with friends on a trip. Enjoy the environment and time by snapping attractive photos. Make sure that they are taken with a high-quality camera to create an instant impression on the ex. You will score lots of brownie points as the other person would be alone in the wilderness.

Visit the restaurant:

You can visit posh restaurant in town and invite your friends as guests. Post the pictures of the food that you are consuming. The news will spread like wildfire when you are placing the images right at the center of the profile.

Change the status:

Changing the status to positive indicates that you are having the best time of the life. It can instantly leave your ex in misery. Show them that you are enjoying the moment to the hilt.

New relationship:

Try befriending someone and post the video onto the profile. Make it the center of attraction and attract emails from the old beloved. He or she would repent separation and may try to come back in your life. This is an important part of learning how to make your ex miss you on Facebook.

Do not contact:

Keep posting what is going on in your life but do not contact the person on Facebook. Let your ex-miss you lock stock and barrel. So, what are you waiting for? Try the above techniques and gets sure shot success.

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