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How to Make Your Ex Miss You Through Text

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Love is one of the most beautiful feelings, it can take you to the cloud 9. It is rewarding, warm, motivating and joyous feeling. Maybe this is the reason, love is considered as one of the most wonderful feelings. But sometimes, despite all the love and romance, the two hearts that were once truly, madly and deeply in love ends their relationship. And trust me dealing with breakups is one of the hardest things. Coping up with the pain and getting your life back on the track requires lots of courage and strength.

If you want your ex back or want him to miss you more, then you might be interested in learning how to make your ex miss you. But please do remember, loving someone is a subjective feeling and whether your ex will miss you or not largely depends on the cause of breakups. If the thing has been really ugly then there are fewer chances of make-up, but if the reason for the breakup was not so serious, then reigniting the old flame could help you in winning your ex back.

Rule 1: No Contact for 30 days

Sounds tough? Isn’t it, but trust me maintaining a distance for a while always works. Keep yourself unavailable for some time. Try not to initiate any type of contact with your ex for 30 days. No call, no message, no stalking. The psychology says that initially, your ex will think that you will cry and beg him to take you back. Once they did not get the expected response next response is anger and resentment and slowly the resentment is replaced with inquisitiveness and they will start thinking why the other person has still not contacted. They would start missing their partner and would then acknowledge their state of mind.

Rule 2: Break the ice with a Text Message

After completing the 30 day period of no contact, initiate a contact through a message. Text Messages are a safe method to initiate the conversation. Make your text powerful and emotional. Mentioning the good old memories and how that memory still seems fresh and pure will definitely put them in the conversation. The purpose of the message is to remind them all the good time that both of you have shared together, and bring a smile on his face.

Initiate the messages in such a way that keep him involved and interested in the conversation, instead of probing him with questions, maintain the flow of conversation in such a way that he take participation in it.

Rule 3: Go Slow

Even if you are dying to express your emotions and feelings boldly, just don’t do it at the initial phase. Considering his response as his interest might prove wrong. He might be continuing the conversation out of curiosity or courtesy. Don’t overburden the person with your bold emotions.

Follow a friendly and subtle way to gently remind your presence and role in their life.Let them realize that they miss you and need you.

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