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How to Make Your Husband Realize That He is Losing You! Here is How to Make it Obvious to Him

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It’s a sad thought, letting a relationship slip away, but if you really want your husband to know that the spark is fading, that he is losing you, then read on:

Spend time away from him.

Taking a long vacation will help you see things in a different light. You can take the time to evaluate your feelings and the situation, as well as see if you really are losing interest or you just need time for yourself. It will also let him know that you are getting tired of the closeness and you need time off.

Start putting your life in order.

If you see yourself living a life without your significant other, then you need to start planning for your future. If you are a housewife, then you need to start a business or get a job. If your husband sees that you are beginning to prepare for a life without him, then he could awaken to the situation.

Be in control of your emotions.

Never get into emotional outbursts or pick fights with him. Your patience might be a lot shorter now than it ever was, but you need to be emotionally stable to go through this critical phase in your relationship. Don’t blame him for the fact that you’re losing interest, or make him feel that it’s his fault the marriage is crumbling.

Treat him more as a friend.

You don’t need to be enemies – your relationship might be slipping away but you can still continue to love him in a platonic way. There will be less intimacy and no fun in bed, but you can still enjoy each other’s company.

Do not try to fake affection.

Pretending that you still love him like before will serve for naught. It will be a struggle for you and a puzzle for him. Respect him as a person, as an individual, and don’t try to fool him into thinking that nothing’s wrong. Don’t give him false hopes. Get real.

Let him know some of your plans.

You have made plans without consulting him, you have dreams that don’t include him, you’re moving ahead with your life without him… letting him know of your plans is a big step in making him realize that he is losing you.

Tell him.

This is surest way… but if you intend to tell him, make sure that you are emotionally stable and that you can accept whatever consequences it would entail.

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