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How to Make Your Man Fall Hopelessly in Love With You – Advice For Women

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So you’re in a great relationship with a man you adore. Everything is perfect, right? Wrong! Many women are in stable relationships with wonderful men but there’s one thing missing. The man has yet to express his love for you. If you’re living in a relationship like this you’ve likely wondered where it’s heading. How long does it take before a man actually falls in love? Naturally the results are different from man-to-man, but there are things you can do right now to make your man fall hopelessly in love with you.

It’s been said that men fall in love in between the times they see a woman, whereas women fall in love when they’re with a man. If this is true it stands to reason that you need to make yourself a little less available to your guy if you want to make him fall deeper. In order to make your man fall hopelessly in love with you, start focusing more on you than on him. Don’t change your plans just to accommodate time with him. Never cater to his every need. Put yourself first. Plan things with friends and don’t suddenly back out because your man has a few minutes to spend with you. If your man feels as though you are making time for him instead of setting aside all your time for him, he’s going to feel that much closer to you.

Another way to make your man fall hopelessly in love with you is to be a bit mysterious. As women we’re all about sharing every thought and feeling with the man in our life. Stop that right now if you want a future with him. Keep some things to yourself. Don’t be an open book. It will make you more independent and he’ll find that incredibly appealing. That doesn’t mean that you should refuse to share things with him, but hold back a bit. If he feels there’s more of you to get to know, he’ll work harder to get emotionally closer to you.

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