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How to Make Your Penis Grow From 5 to 8 Inches Within Weeks

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One of the most important parts of being a man is being able to satisfy a woman sexually and most men tend to think that it is possible to do so only if you have a long and thick penis. Though it is a fact that technique is more important than size, it is more a matter of vanity and pride for men to possess larger penises. Those who are blessed with larger ones definitely have an upper hand as far as confidence and self esteem is concerned and confidence is perhaps the most important thing that makes men win over women.

There is an ever present demand for male enhancement products and this demand is really huge in proportion. Moreover, all men desire better ejaculatory control so as to last longer in bed. Premature ejaculation is perhaps the most embarrassing of all male sexual problems. On the other hand, erectile dysfunction is the most depressing and disturbing sexual problem men face. As such any male enhancement product should be able to address these m,ale concerns of adding size to the male genitalia, improving staying power and overcoming erectile dysfunction or improving firmness of erections.

How to Make Your Penis Grow

If you are wondering about the possibility of increasing penile length, let me tell you, there are a few techniques and methods that really make your penis grow safely and naturally without causing any sort of damage to your erectile tissue. And I am not talking about methods like vacuum pumps, weight, surgery or silicone injections.

There are certain exercises that can help you increase your penile length and girth as well as correct penile curvature to a great extent. These exercises are known as Jelqs and have been around for thousands of years. This technique was probably developed in Ancient Arab and has been passed from generation to generation. Now, you can easily access them through internet and help yourself achieve a longer and thicker male shaft.

There have been clinical studies to confirm the effectiveness of these exercises which help increase the size of the erectile tissue called Corpora Cavernosa through Tissue Expansion which is perhaps the same technique used by some tribal women to enlarge their necks.

Though these exercises are highly effective you need to be aware of certain safeguards and precautions that you must observe while performing these exercises. For instance, Jelqs are performed on partial erection, and if you achieve a complete erection while doing these exercises which is natural, it is advisable that you stop and let the erection subside a little before you continue with the exercises once again. Similarly, pubic hair tend to make it difficult to get a firm grip at the base of the penis besides there is always a risk of pulling hair while doing Jelqs which could be extremely painful. Therefore it is better to trim these hair or shave them altogether.

There are many more tips and tricks that can be highly useful and it is only through a good exercise program that you can get aware of such tips. A good program not only helps provide illustrations on doing these exercises with video and photo demonstrations but also provide you with a lot of variation in the exercises so that you do not get bored and end up quitting the program before actually seeing any penile growth.

Tissue expansion is a slow process and takes time. Therefore you should not expect results overnight but what can make penile growth speed up is if you combine these exercises with natural pills which help boost blood circulation to the genitals so as to allow more blood into the shaft resulting in larger, fuller and longer lasting erections. Pills are a great resource for improving your sexual stamina and speeding up recovery after ejaculation so that you can multiple sex sessions in a single night.

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