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How to Make Your Speech More Interactive

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Involving your audience in your speech is a method of making your speech interactive. Not only will you be involving your audience with a well written and captivating speech but by also allowing the members of the audience to input their feelings, advice or issues with you. This participation helps the audience feel more involved and be more attentive. Some speech writers find it difficult to allow the audience to participate verbally or freely during their speech in fear of forgetting or becoming unfocused. Some speech givers experience heckling and teasing from their audience perhaps encouraged by previous interaction.

If done correctly, audience participation can be a very beneficial tool in both gaining trust and attentiveness. It is also useful in making a speech memorable. Persons will most likely remember a physical or impacting event for years to come. When you are interacting with your audience they are not just listening by are learning as well. Persons learn more effectively when taught using materials and instances of interactivity and not just told information.

It is easy to make your speech into a conversation instead of a boring lecture. Ask the audience questions that relate to your topic. This will keep your audience’s attention as they will have to be attentive to answer your questions or quizzes. You can ask a question of the entire audience or an individual at a time. Some speakers make general statements to the entire audience throughout their speech. This may be successful for some but it is better to speak to one or two individuals at times so that persons within the audience feel as if you are making an effort to get to know them. If you are fearful of doing it incorrectly then start off with one audience member and ask them about their day or a general question about themselves. This will help to break the ice for them and mostly for you.

For speakers that are more advanced and less fearful of being too personable then you may be able to interact with your audience on a deeper and more meaningful level. Instead of engaging in cliché and generic banter, divulge in your audience and have them interact on that same and personal level. Most persons react the same way towards generic questions regardless of how they truly think or feel. For example, if someone were to ask you how you were feeling you would respond as you have always by telling them you are fine or okay. People do not think about how they really feel in response to a question they may get ten to twenty times a day. When we hear that question we give the same answer we give to everyone who asks.

Asking your audience members special and specific questions will help you to maintain a short and inspiring relationship with them while your speech and overall message gets across to them. This will help to make your speech more interactive and memorable.

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