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How to Pass the CLEP Spanish Test

So you want to know how to pass the CLEP Spanish test.

You have heard that all CLEP tests are hard to pass. Other smart people that you know have even flunked these tests.

Why are they so challenging?

The answer is because they are written in an over vigilant manner to filter out those that don’t speak Spanish. However, they are written in a way that relies on using plays on words and twisted sentences in an effort to prove that you don’t speak the language.

Even native speakers have been known to fail a CLEP Spanish test.

How do you pass the CLEP Spanish test then?

This is the secret.

Remember, you speak Spanish. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be thinking about taking the test! Re-assure yourself of you skills and remember that fluency and ability have nothing to do with the ability to pass a test.

After you have done this, lets tackle the way the CLEP test itself is written.

Usually, what gets in your way the most is over and out thinking yourself.

The best tip is to go with your initial answer, when in doubt. Often, the unconscious mind picks up on the correct answer long before you are consciously aware of what the question is trying to pry out of you.

Go through the test and answer the easy question first. Then go back and take your time answering the rest. Read the questions very carefully and slowly. Often they will give the answer away if you read it slowly enough.

These are just a few practical tips to pass the CLEP Spanish test.

If you want another method to make sure that your confidence and self esteem are flying high on the day of your test, check out the article How to Pass the CLEP Spanish Test.

This information works with your mind to make sure that you are unconsciously ready to pass your test with flying colors!

Source by Deanna Diaz

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