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How to Regain a Man's Interest Again – Ways to Make Him Want You Again

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Whenever a woman feels a relationship is beginning to unravel and she’s still very much in love with the man she’s with, it can feel heart wrenching. We all have inner instinct when it comes to the man we adore and if his attention or interest is starting to wane, panic can set in pretty quickly. He’ll start calling less often, he won’t seem as excited to see you and the frequency of intimacy may dramatically shift. If this is occurring in your relationship right now and you’re worried that it’s a sign of the beginning of the end of with your guy, you have to take some action now. Understanding how to regain a man’s interest again will help you get the relationship back on track. Ignoring what is going on will only result in him leaving and you wishing you would have done something to change things sooner.

Learning how to regain a man’s interest again starts with recognizing how you lost it. In many dating relationships both parties are quite fickle. One wrong move by their partner can send their interest plummeting. Many women don’t realize this and they simply don’t recognize the fact that making even a simple mistake can send the relationship careening off in the wrong direction. Some common examples of mistakes that women often unknowingly make in their relationships are things like sleeping with him too soon, calling him too much or even being rude to someone else in front of him. If he finds your behavior unappealing, he’ll find you unappealing and there’s little you can do to remedy that if you’re unaware of it. He may continue to lose interest in you until he reaches a point where he just breaks things off and moves onto someone new.

The easiest way to regain a man’s interest is to take the pressure off of him. Once you realize that something you have done has caused him to stop paying attention to you, your natural tendency may be to apologize or to work harder to draw him closer. This tactic generally doesn’t work with men. He’ll feel more pressured by you and he’ll find that distasteful and the relationship will likely crumble even faster. Instead, pull back from him a bit and give him some breathing room. Shift the relationship into more of a friendship place and start showing him that you’re more than just the mistake you made. Do whatever you can to bring out your best qualities when you’re with him and he’ll start to focus on those more. The key is to show him that you’re a well rounded, dynamic individual who he was attracted to initially. Before long he’ll start to focus more on your positive qualities and the mistake you made will be nothing but a distant memory.

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