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How to Seduce Women Like a True Womanizer – Three Tips From a Playboy

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My friend, Rob X, is an expert womanizer and proud of it. Do you know why? Well, he can talk to any woman out there and get them to fall for him in just 15 minutes.

Do you ever get nervous whenever you try to approach a woman? Rob told me that he used to feel like that all the time. But now, he can talk effortlessly to any woman he wants. Because of this, he has become successful as a true-blue womanizer. Now you can reach amazing results with women, as well, provided you follow the tips below. Keep reading…

How to Seduce Women like a True Womanizer

Tip Number One: Take Control. During any conversation, you have to be the “dominator”. Take control of every conversation you have with a woman and decide for yourself what you should talk about. Don’t let her dictate the conversation for you.

You see, if you don’t do this, you might have to end up listening to her whine about things like her past relationships. Being a “shoulder to cry on” is never fun. When a woman begins to talk about her problems, distract her in any way possible. You’re no Dr. Phil, after all.

Tip Number Two: Have Conversation Topics Ready. Having an entire inventory ready of topics you wish to talk about could come in useful when approaching women. This is smart because they will not longer have the chance to bring up something totally irrelevant, like their past boyfriends.

Tip Number Three: Learn about Cold Reading. For instance, have lines like “You seem to be naturally social, but you probably still like alone time every once in a while – am I right?” ready. Strangely enough, this will make a woman feel like you understand her. Plus, this can build emotional connections every time.

Another surefire way to build emotional connections would be through the use of a technique called fractionation. Adapted from the field of “mind control” and covert psychology, this tactic is reputed to be able to make any woman fall in love in 15 minutes or less. This also happens to be the secret tactic that Rob X uses when seducing women!

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