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How to Speak at Corporate Events

Have you ever wanted to speak at a corporate event?

Probably one of the most intimidating arenas in the speaking industry is the corporate arena. The audiences are full of business professionals with high expectations and it is no wonder that speakers who choose this niche should be very confident and self-assured.

In the business world, there can be a lot of reasons why organizations conduct speaking events. Some businesses use corporate events to inform their associates about yearly company goals. Some events will touch on highly technical aspects of the business while other events would simply aim to inspire or loosen-up people in the organization.

Depending on the objective of the event, you may be a suitable speaker for the job. If the topics to be tackled are more on the technical side of things, the appropriate person to do the talk would be the one who has the most experience in the field. The speaker can mentor audiences to reach company goals but let me reiterate that it can sometimes be more informational and technical rather than motivational.

People who do corporate talks are usually found within the company itself or they are someone with vast technical knowledge. On the other hand, those are not the only kind of speakers demanded by business. In fact, most speaking events are likely to be more about motivating the employees for the coming year. Speakers who can give great keynote speeches are the most sought after in such events.

Keynote corporate speakers are often humorous and entertaining. They may or may not be familiar with the corporate setting; although the former is much preferred. Speakers should add spirit to every speaking engagement by getting in touch with the soul of the business.

Delivery should be energetic and cleverly amusing. It can go a bit somber but not before loosening up and revitalizing the audience. Motivational speeches should have compelling stories that teach powerful principles.

Marketing to get booked at corporate events is a totally different story. The corporate speaking arena is a lucrative one. Businesses and organizations will pay very highly. Very high fees are not surprising in this niche.

However, buyers are extremely selective and will always want to book the best option. The key here is to make yourself the most attractive option. To do this, you must be sensitive to the market and as usual you should custom-tailor your speeches to the desires of the target audience.

Don’t hesitate to choose a theme. Sometimes, it can be difficult to let go of other topics you would like to share but in a marketing point of view, it is detrimental. Specializing in a specific topic, for example about leadership and management, you get to narrow down your niche and focus thus making more of a specialist. If organizations need to address problems in leadership and management, you’ll become the best option for them.

Having specific topics will also make your job easier because you’re concentrating in a definite branch. Typically, you get to speak using the same speeches, with a bit modification, over and over again.

Source by James R. Malinchak

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