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How to Study For Exams – Tips on How to Win at Exams

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Its that time of year again when the exam time is upon us. We’ve all been there before. Maybe in the past you’ve burned the midnight oil but there is an easier way to get your exams.

– Don’t over do it. Your brain can only take in so much at a time.

– Take breaks. Get away from your study area. Do some exercise or listen to music. What worked for me was 20minutes study, 10 minute break, 20 minutes study, 10 minute break etc. This worked for me. It can increase your brain capacity and doesn’t make studying seem tedious.

– When studying use abbreviations to remember a large amount of information.

– Get plenty of sleep.

– Eat properly.

– Don’t panic. Your studying will stand by you.

– Plan ahead. When you get your timetable allocate time for each subject. Know your level of knowledge. That way you know how much time to allocate.

– Have a time table and most importantly stick to it. It will keep you organised. You don’t need to panic if you have covered all the topics. What causes panic is feeling you don’t have time on your side. A timetable will solve this problem.

– Don’t overdo the socialising around exam time. You can do all that when the exams are over.

– Take advice from you teacher or tutor. They’ve been there before.

– Be wary of others who aren’t putting in the effort. They may try to persuade you to leave it until the last minute. It’s your future remember. No one elses.

– Visualise yourself doing the exams and winning!

Best of Luck

Joseph Berovic

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