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How to Tickle a Man's Mind in a Way Which Makes Him Obsessed With You? Read These Tips Right Now

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No woman who has had a break up with her man would risk getting into a new relationship without making sure first that the guy is madly in love with her and will never think of leaving her. One way to do this is to ensure that he stays obsessed with you. Here are some effective ways to doing just that!

First determine how obsessed you want him to be about you

It’s all very well to want your man to be obsessed with you. But sometimes obsession can become dangerous when it reaches levels that are uncontrollable. A little harmless obsession that borders on deep commitment and love is just fine.

Stay out of reach

Go out of your way to attract your man. Let him have a good look at your beauty, charm and a good taste of your scintillating company. Then all you have to do is stay just out of reach. He will be crazy for you and long to catch you. This way he will be obsessed with your attractiveness and do all he can to conquer you.

Stay in control of the situation

In these circumstances, it is very important for one of you to be in control of the situation. Keep your head and don’t go overboard in anything that you do. This way you can control the pace at which the relationship is going. The more confident and assured you are – the more he is going to be under your spell!

Make him always want more of you

The easiest way to make him want you badly is to leave him wanting more. This will keep him coming back! Know when he has had enough of waiting and give in after a while, only to pull away again! This game if played cleverly, will make him obsessed with you.

Keep him in a state of anticipation

Always make him wonder what you are going to do next. This way you will always be on his mind and he is going to look forward to be entertained by you. Being impulsive as well as spontaneous will make you different from all the other girls he has known before.

Stop seeing him every day

Once he has seen how stimulating and exciting you are he will want to be with you every waking (and sleeping) moment! The trick is to keep away just enough for him to want you desperately. This feeling of loss when you are not around will prove that he is obsesses with you.

Pretend that you are pulling away

This is another way to make him become obsessed with you. He will want you to be solely his if you pretend that you are losing interest in him. A little bit of flirting and giving other guys attention will scare him and he will want to spirit you away!

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