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How to Win Back a Pisces Man – Powerful Tips to Make Him Love You Again

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You love a Pisces man. Unfortunately, at the moment you’re not with him. Going through a break up has to be one of the most emotionally challenging things a woman ever faces. You wake up each day thinking about him and your last thought before you fall asleep is about what life would be like if you could be with him again.

Moving forward after going through a break with a Pisces man is all about regrouping. You have to think about what tore the two of you apart and what you can do to repair things now. There are many issues that can come between a couple and for the most part, with some time, an apology and positive changes, the relationship can be rebuilt.

Because Pisces men are so romantic, your apology is going to have to be as well. If you just call him up and tell him you’re sorry for the break up, it’s not going to have enough of an impact on him. You have to step it up a notch. A great approach to take is to write him a thoughtful love letter. Pour your heart out, make it clear to him how much you need him and tell him that you wish you two could be together again. If you’re not comfortable expressing yourself through the written word, talk to him in person instead. Invite him out to his favorite restaurant, get dressed up in an outfit you know he loves and then let him know how much he truly means to you. This gesture will go a very long ways towards rebuilding the broken bond.

In order to win back the heart of a Pisces man, a woman has to be willing to make some changes to herself. If he loved the woman you are at the moment, he’d be with you. Everyone has room to make improvements in themselves. Consider what behavior patterns may have played a part in pulling the two of you apart. It’s those things that your focus should be on now. If you can show your ex Pisces that you’re willing to change for him, he’ll be blown away by that. To him, that’s one of the most romantic things a woman can do.

Always be mindful of how sensitive Pisces men are as you work through the process of rebuilding your relationship. Be kind to him and always considerate of what he needs from you. Don’t jump to conclusions and don’t be overly dramatic. Show him that you will always be his safe place in the world and he’ll never want to leave you again.

Source by Gillian Reynolds

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