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How To Win Her Love Back – 3 Ways To Make Her Ache For You

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So, you want to know how to win her love back? To once again be the man that she holds closest to her heart? To be the first person she thinks of when she gets up in the morning – the last one before she goes to sleep at night? Well, that’s exactly what this article will show you how to do, however, not in the way that you’d imagine.

You see, love alone can’t bring you what you want (i.e. those goodies just described). It takes more than this if you want to win this girl back. What you’re looking for is attraction. Because in order to win her love back (the kind of love that you’re thinking of), you must get her to want you first.

Always remember this, love begins and ends with attraction. So with this in mind, I’m going to give you three ways in which you can rebuild the latter so that the former naturally follows.

1) Demonstrate Value

Right now there’s a good chance that you’ve made the classic mistakes most guys make during a breakup: begging, pleading, and persuading her for a second chance. Unfortunately, things of this sort don’t work – they only make matters worse.

Instead, what you must do is the opposite. Think of when you started dating this girl. Did you do any of the above? Of course not. What you did is demonstrate value: you showed her the best side of yourself and made her realize that you’re someone that’s worth pursuing further.

Now you must do the same – whatever that may be. It’s not difficult. You just need to think back to how things where when you first started your relationship. Then take it from there.

2) Demonstrate Scarcity

Every woman wants a man that’s hard to get. And this goes hand in hand with demonstrating value. By definition, anything valuable is also scarce in supply. Therefore, in order to win her love back you must limit the amount of attention you give to her. Make her “work” for it instead (again, the exact opposite of what you’ve probably been doing).

3) Demonstrate Consistency

Above all, you must take a stance and stick to it when it comes to getting this girl back. Don’t allow yourself to be valuable and scarce one day while becoming needy and overly available the next.

The worst thing you can do (even worse than making the classic mistakes listed above) is to switch up your approach on a regular basis. This will only serve to confuse her and even give up on you altogether.

If you can take the above three ways and use them as a springboard to craft your own relationship repair approach, you’ll be able to get her attracted to you again in no time, and with this, her love will soon follow. Best wishes.

Source by George Karanastasis, M.D.

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