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How to Win Your Ex Back – Courtship Tips on Winning Your Ex Back

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Your plans in how to win your ex back will progress to the courtship stage, if you are lucky. When it does, you should never take chances lest you lose the chance to reconcile with your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend.

Regardless of your past relationship, your courtship methods should be a mix of the old traditions and new discoveries. This is to provide for a way to re-establish contact on known grounds while injecting new discoveries into the budding (or some might say comeback) relationship.

For old traditions, you can opt for the activities you enjoyed doing together when you first dated. The emphasis is on doing things together again as opposed to letting each other do things separately, which could have been one of the reasons for your painful breakup. You are striving to reconnect based on familiarity without falling for the familiarity-breeds-contempt trap. Indeed, the process in how to get your ex back is made easier with familiar positive grounds on which to start on.

For example, if you liked going to the beach, then romantic walks on the beach should be on the menu of love. If you loved eating out, then wine and dine without whining about the cost as you previously did before the breakup. The point is to accomplish the familiar activities included in the itinerary of your how to get your ex back plan.

For new discoveries, you can plan surprises that both of you will enjoy based on what you know of each other’s personalities. You have to acknowledge that in the time between your breakup and your second courtship there will be changes in personality, both subtle and noticeable, in each one that needs discovery.

For example, you can go on a completely new adventure that both of you looked forward to but never had the time to do for one reason or another. You might discover a new facet to the personality of your ex lover-soon-to-be-lover-again that never manifested itself during the time you were together as a couple. Whatever you do, make sure that it is a pleasant surprise and one that will be enjoyed by the both of you. Otherwise, call it off immediately and without hesitation.

Soon enough, you will discover that your intricate plans toward how to get your ex back paid off most handsomely–you are back in each other’s loving embrace all because you planned your second courtship well!

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