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How to Win Your Ex Back – Playing Hard to Get After a Break Up

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I guess you are one of many people who has been dumped? Or did you make the biggest mistake and end the relationship yourself? And now you want to go back to the one you love? There's only one way to do this right and that is the right way. Do you want to win your ex back? Learn how to play hard to get and make him or her want you!

Many people who break up eventually want to get back together again. And most of the times that counts for both sides. No just the one being dumped but also the other person who did the dumping will be very eager to start over. That opens up a whole new window of opportunities, does not it?

This means that you are probably not the only one who wants to get back together. There is a fair chance that your ex wants you back as well. Congratulations, now let's get to work. How do we get your ex back? We play a fair game.

First of all we have establish the new you. And by that I mean that you need to get a hold of yourself and make you feel good about yourself. This is not a game that you can play when you are not completely confident and convinced that you control the outcome. So you have to enjoy being you. You are still single, even though you are about to change that. Why not enjoy being single for a little while? There is nothing wrong with that, right?

When you start enjoying yourself it will show. And all the mutual friends you have (or had) will notice that you are having a good time. So obviously to them you are not suffering from the break up. This message will eventually reach your ex. And he or she will wonder what you are up to. Mission accomplished! You are having fun and your ex is thinking about you.

The next move you make has everything to do with your appearance. Even though you have an aching need to get back into the relationship, you will not show any signs of being needy. Not even for another part-time lover. Remember that you want win back your ex and not hate you.

So just have fun without openly flirting with any potentially interesting nice guy or girl. When the same group of mutual friends pick up on your new approach they will not be able to keep that to themselves. And your ex will learn that you have not moved on yet. Strike two! All you need to do now is wait for the first time you two will meet again.

You could arrange a meeting by accident. For example you could turn up at the same party next week. When you see each other again and they ask you how you have been, you will have to try to be as vague as you possibly can. Be nice and talk a bit but do not let them know that all you want is to get back together.

You play this game at the most experienced level. You play hard to get. Use this occasion to stay in sight and have them follow you around the dance floor. Maybe you get a chance to move your feet together. And one thing will lead to another. Touch down!

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