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Keep Him Wanting More – Ways to Make Him Ache For You

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One of the best pieces of dating advice is to always keep him wanting more. If you’re trying to get a man to fall deeper in love with you, you need to understand how to secure his interest in you long term. By doing certain things you can trigger a natural response within your guy that makes him crave to be around you. He’ll have trouble focusing on anything but you. There are ways to accomplish this that are surprisingly easy. Once you understand what they are you can get to work making him ache for you.

In order to keep him wanting more you have to keep things fresh and exciting within your relationship. That means you always want to make him feel that you’re spontaneous and unpredictable. Men love these qualities in a woman. They get excited just thinking about the prospect of their woman doing something unexpected. Keep him guessing by planning dates that he wouldn’t anticipate. This can be anything from getting tickets to his favorite sports team to planning a weekend getaway at the beach. Your goal is to make him crave to be with you because he’ll never know what’s around the corner.

Playing a little hard to get is always a good ploy if you want to make him ache for you. Once a relationship is established and your guy knows that you’ll always be waiting to hear from him and you’ll always be available to see him when he wants, his interest will drop off just a bit. You can remedy that in a flash by keeping him on his toes. Don’t accept every invitation to dinner and don’t always pick up each and every time he calls. If you’re a bit mysterious he’ll crave to know more and more about you. Many women have found that if they act just a wee bit distant, their guy will turn on the charm even more. He’ll want you more if you stay just out of his reach.

Keep things light and fun if you want to keep him wanting more. Being a drama queen won’t help you capture and keep the heart of any man. He wants to be with someone who enjoys life and doesn’t take things too seriously. Learn how to laugh more and share your sense of humor with him. If you can keep a smile on his face he’ll love being around you and that’s exactly what you want.

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