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Make a Guy Fall in Love – How to Get Him Off the Fence

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Is the guy whom you are seeing not committed and are you wanting to make him fall in love with you? How bad do you really want to get this guy committed to you so that he is in love and hoping to spend his life with you? Is there anything which you can do to get a guy to commit if he is still on the fence about your relationship? Well, if you really want to know the answer then keep reading and find out.

The first thing which will get him to fall in love is urgency. If he has no reason to commit to you then he is going to wait for the ‘perfect’ time. You and I both know that this will never come. So what can you do about it? Well, cut back on some of the time which you are spending with him and give him a reason to ache for you.

Second, understand that love is motivated by more than romance and attraction. It is also motivated by friendship and if you want to make a guy fall in love you have got to get this one down. This means that you are his equal and a partner to him as much as you are a lover.

Third, do some really exciting things with him and have some new experiences. Not talking sexual here, that is not going to make a guy fall in love only in lust. I mean some fun things which you can do while you are on dates. The more new they are to both of you the better.

Finally, Let things happen according to his time and his plans. Make it look like his idea and you can be assured that when he falls in love with you that he will remain in love.

Find a way to relax and enjoy the time you spend together and don’t be in a hurry. Believe me, if you create urgency and do these other things he will get things moving. Have fun!

Source by Tina L. Jones

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