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My Reflection on the One Minute Manager

The One Minute Manager is the most effective and practical management book that I have ever read. It contains rich resources of self-management and team management. The content of this book surrounds the topic of “people,” who are believed to be the most important resources of almost any company. Transforming employees through love and service is the primary concept within this book. When we put ourselves in reading it, we will find we are just reading a book full of love and wisdom.

For people who work in business, they will learn lots of deep insights of management knowledge and they will deeply understand what management is after reading. It also teaches how to be a good employee through its 3 Secrets on how to be an excellent and respectful manager. I believe we will learn a lots of wise business management after we have read this book.

The first secret of management is one-minute goal setting. I believe many people have realized its importance. While setting one minute goals are far more than we think probably, because setting a goal for your assignment is just one part of one minute goal setting. In addition, there are two other important parts. First, we should have a measurement for our goal. We need to make sure we have set a good goal, if we can’t guarantee we have set a good goal, how can we guarantee the result of our assignment will be? After we have had the measurement or our goal, we can easily know the goal we set is good or not. Second, after finishing setting a good goal, we still need to make sure our actions follow this goal or not. If our actions don’t follow our goal, our goal will be not useful for our assignment. Then we need to correct our actions and make sure what we do can bring the good result that we are looking for.

The second secret of management is one-minute Praising. Our general understanding for praising is to use our words to build people up to help them move forward. While praising in this book has far more meaning than we would first assume, after reading it we will know how to offer praise in such a way that will benefit and influence people’s lives significantly. This book shared important position of specific praising. Specific praising is very powerful and persuasive. When we give a specific praising, people will believe our praising comes from our heart and they will be greatly encouraged. We should always remember one thing before giving praise: to observe the people that we will give praise to when we give our praising. Find what area they are doing right and then give them our sincere praise. We can help them know what area they are doing well in by doing this and their confidence will be greatly built. They will also find their own value and know how to have self-management after they find their own position. Through reading this book, we will have the knowledge on how to use praising as a tool to influence people’s lives. Praising is usually used a lot for managers to encourage inexperienced staff and the new employee in a company.

The third secret of management is one minute Reprimands. Reprimands can be a useful and sometimes necessary tool to inspire people to move forward if we give praising with our love and use it in a wise way. This is a very new point I have learnt in this book. We have different way to show our love, but different ways play different functions when they are used in different situations. It will be good to give one minute reprimands for mature or experienced staff, because they have already known their value and position. When they make mistakes it will be a good way to give them one minute reprimand. We should let them feel our feeling towards the mistakes they made, also let them know our high expectation to the assignments that were given to them and let them know we have a very high opinion of them. At the same time it is essential that we do not neglect to use proper actions that display our love. And always remember, giving a one minute reprimand is not for pouring out our anger onto them but for helping them to grow. Remember to reprimand the behavior and not the person.

One Minute Manager is a good book for helping us to be mature and to be successful. The more knowledge we apply to use it, the more fruitful result we will see. Hope you will get benefit and success from learning this book. Bless you!

Source by Mabel Tang

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