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The Psychology of Hatred

On why hatred is necessary in this world and helps refine our basic aggression

Hate or hatred like love is one of the most personal emotions in that the expressions could be widely varied and even too subtle to decipher. Hatred is truly the opposite of love because the manifestation of hatred is almost like the manifestation of love. This is because, in most cases only two people, the one who hates and the one who is hated seem to perceive the underlying dynamics of the relationship or the emotions involved and other people may be unaware. There could be several reasons for hatred and this could be associated with envy, fear, ideology or power related issues. For example, an intense envy towards a sibling could make other siblings hate him or a fear of repression from powerful people could lead to hatred in less privileged people. Power issues could often lead to hatred or even a love hate relationship as a man feeling the control or domination of his wife could enter into power struggles or a sort of love-hate relationship with her. A terrorist or religious group could hate people of other groups due to ideological differences.

Hatred like love, need some form of attachment, you have to care enough about a person to hate them. Hatred like love would also be rather obsessive and addictive although as extreme love (especially romantic) for a person would lead to sexual relations, extreme hate for a person would lead to violence. Thus, hatred, is also a form of passion, manifested as aggression rather than sex. Thus if according to Freudian psychoanalysis, sex and aggression are our two basic instincts, love and hatred are our two basic and most fundamental emotions on which all other emotions are built. A newborn child would either love her mother’s breast or hate it, she would love to be touched and carried around by her carers or hate the process and this would result in her other emotions of happiness, sorrow etc.

Considering how or why hatred could be manifested among individuals, it is possible to delineate the two types of hatred in people:

1. Personal Hatred – This can be the dynamics with a friend or an enemy, a colleague, a family member or someone you know within a social circle. Personal hatred is for people you personally know and care enough to hate them. The manifestation of this sort of hatred is usually subtle and only two people involved would understand or perceive the effects of the emotion. With family members like a partner or parent, personal hatred could manifest as an interplay of both love and hate as power dynamics get into the picture. Power struggles with the father or husband could often lead to this sort of love-hate equation and would reflect in your other close personal relationships. Personal hatred could often lead to more generalized form of hatred. This leads to the next type of hatred.

2. General Hatred – Hatred could thus be very personal or could be more general and directed towards a group. This sort of hatred is directed towards certain groups or types of people and manifests in hatred for whites, hatred for blacks, hatred for Jews, hatred for Muslims, hatred for men, hatred for women and so on. This type of hatred is more generalized although may well be triggered due to personal experiences. For example a woman with negative experiences with a man may develop hatred for all men or a black man who has faced some form of discrimination in society may develop hatred towards all whites. This sort of hatred could be racially motivated or gender related and of course these have specific terms as anti-Semitism, misogyny etc. This type of hatred is less personal and shared with other members of society and is thus a more social form of hatred, rather than a personal type of hatred. Terrorist groups showing hatred towards specific nations or people share this type of hatred motivated by ideological orientations. Politicians who hate members of another party are also motivated by ideological or power concerns. Group based or general hatred is thus further categorized as social hatred, sexual or gender based, racial, or ideological hatred.

The underlying psychological dynamics of hatred is generally explained with our need to release aggression. Aggression like sex is one of our fundamental and basic instincts and just as we need release of our sexual energies by developing sexual relationships and exploring the emotion of love, the emotion of hate helps us to release our aggressive tendencies and could be fundamental to our well being. It is almost necessary to hate as it is necessary to love. But this does not mean that our aggressive tendencies and emotion of hatred will have to be released through violence or some other kind of destructive action, the hatred that we feel cannot be controlled just as love may not be controlled but our actions on these emotions can be controlled. For example, you may well love someone for many months or even years but decide not to act on it and embark in some sort of platonic love relationship. In a similar manner it is possible to hate someone and yet continue some sort of platonic hate relationship without becoming violent or even subtly aggressive.

Channeling or appropriate directing of sexual or love needs through creativity and in Freudian term ‘sublimation’ works well for hatred and hate can be channeled successfully through sports, or other kind of aggressive activity. Even love or sexual needs can be controlled or channelled when you participate in aggressive sports. So, the next time you feel the need to release your passion, possibly caused by sexual or aggressive instincts, just engage in some aggressive competitive sports and you will feel much better. If you feel excessive love which is a type of sexual need but more refined, you will possibly have to engage in creative pursuits. Hatred could in a way also be a refined form of aggression and releasing hatred through writing, debates or constructive criticism could be a creative way out.

Hatred as I have tried to explain here is not all that bad, it is a form of passion, a necessary release of our aggressive instincts and in fact a refined expression of aggression, just as love is a more refined expression of sexual desires. If love is a sugar coating on our real sexual desires, hatred is just a salt coating on our underlying aggressive desires. The emotion of love exists like a valve, like a filter so that human sexual expression remains controlled and civilized. In a similar manner, the emotion of hate exists so that human expression of aggression remains controlled and within limits. You will see many placards, billboards and handouts asking that individuals in this world should somehow ‘Stop Hatred’, that seems a kind of motto for human life. It is practically impossible to stop hatred, it is a basic human emotion, and in a civilized society it is almost necessary to hate just as it is necessary to love so that there is no unbridled release of aggression through violence. What we can stop however is the negative expression of hatred that is manifested through violence and other destructive tendencies and channel our aggressive tendencies creatively through art, literature, politics, sports, public debates and other constructive channels of self expression.

PLEASE NOTE: This essay has original research and is subject to Copyright and any abuse of Copyright or republishing this essay even with credit on scam sites will be noted and complaints will be filed with the relevant authorities. Republishing this essay on legitimate websites and with credit to the author with all relevant links active is however allowed.

Source by Saberi Roy


Selling Used Books Online – Make $ $ 2000 750- Extra Per Month Or Go Full Time For $ 5k +

Selling used books online is one of the easiest, most fun, and most profitable part-time businesses out there. There is little guesswork when you use the tools that I'm about to show you, when deciding which books to buy for resale, and they are everywhere! For as little as 10 cents you can purchase a book that will resell for $ 4 – $ 100 or more on Amazon or other online selling sites.

When I first heard about selling used books online, it seemed like it would be a big hassle. I figured you would have to list hundreds of books, not knowing what they were worth, and spend hours making an individual eBay-style listing for each one. Then ship dozens of books a day and only make a buck or two each. It did not sound too exciting.

But I looked into it further and discovered 10 exciting facts about selling used books online that I did not know:

1. You can find out what a book is selling for on Amazon with an inexpensive portable device you can take with you when you shop – and it takes less than one second for the device to scan the book and give you a value and Amazon Sales rank (popularity).

2. It is easy to visually eliminate the books that are not worth much without even scanning, once you learn a few guidelines.

3. You're actually looking for mostly newer books that are still popular in bookstores, not antiques

4. You can purchase these books for next to nothing at garage sales, thrift stores, library books sales, and more – and they're worth $ 4- $ 100 each for the right books. They also sell quickly if they have high Amazon sales (your device tells you this before you buy)

5. Once you get the books home, you simply scan them again, and using another easy-to-use listing tool, the listing for the book is instantly created. All you have to do is price the book based on the other books available and assign a condition.

6. Orders are also received automatically by special software, and the software prints prepaid sticky postage labels.

7. You can pack each book in less than a minute and apply the shipping label. Therefore sending out books only takes a short time, and you only have to do it 3 times a week.

8. You do not have to wait in line at the post office, just drop them off.

9. Your funds are auto-deposited into your account every two weeks.

10. You can instantly shut down, and reopen your store if you become busy or take a vacation.

I've been selling used books online now for about 3 years, and though my main business is real estate, I still do it because the "treasure hunt" of finding the books is still addicting. Something about buying a book that resells for $ 83 for only a dollar is hard to resist!

So think about starting your own used book business. You can shop for books on off-hours, and list and ship the books anytime of the day or night. And having an extra thousand or two dollars a month coming in, never hurt anyone! In fact, for many people in today's economy I bet it could be the difference between paying the month's bills or falling behind. Personally, I make my mortgage payment by selling used books online, and do not even have to worry about it each month anymore.

Source by Richard Dawson


How To Make an Airsoft Gun Shoot Better – Easy Tips To Make An Airsoft Gun Shoot Fast and Accurate

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The one thing that most airsoft gun enthusiasts want is an airsoft gun that shots faster, farther and is more accurate then everyone else’s gun. While many people want this increase in performance most people are not sure how to increase the performance of an airsoft gun, the article below will briefly go over some common upgrades to help you better understand how to get the most from your weapon.

Stronger Spring Upgrade

One of the best modifications that you can do to your gun is to put a stronger spring in the gearbox. The stronger spring is going to push the piston back much faster which in turn will give more air pressure resulting in great FPS. This will require you to disassemble the gearbox and if you are not familiar with the procedure you may need to find a good airsmith to do the job for you.

Add a Better Hop Up Bucking

The hop up unit in your gun controls the back spin on your BB and keeping it flying straight and not drifting up or down. Often times the stock hop up rubber will start to dry out and also grip the BB unevenly. This can result in erratic flight patterns. An aftermarket concave hop up unit can solve this problem as they use better materials and the concave shape matches the BB contour for more even hop up action. The result will be a very consistent flying shot and FPS.

Add a Tight Bore Barrel

Most airsoft guns have barrels that are 6.05 mm in diameter, which is a fair amount larger then the common BB diameter of 5.95 mm. This extra diameter can cause BB bounce which can lead to flight pattern inconsistencies and reduced FPS. The best way to eliminate this is by adding a tight bore barrel. These are available in 6.03 and 6.01 mm diameters and the tighter seal will increase the FPS of your gun. Each has positives and negatives associated with it so you may want to talk with your airsoft retailer when making your choice.

Use Quality Ammunition

The last thing you want to do is make sure your airsoft gun shoots better is to use a good high quality BB. This is especially critical if you are running a tight bore barrel as many of the lower quality ammunition has irregular sizes, shapes and even air pockets which can cause a wide variance in accuracy or worse yet a jam in your guns barrel.

Source by Daryle A. Sewell


6 Steps of Wine Making

For several years wine making has been practiced through the process called as vinification, this is a very simple method as compared to the other methods of making alcoholic beverages. The process of wine making involves six basic steps:

1. Viticulture

2. Harvesting

3. Crushing

4. Fermentation

5. Clarifying the solution

6. Bottling

Viticulture: As a known fact the flavor of the wine is dependent on the kind of grapes which are used. The variety of grapes depends on the place where they are grown, the climate of the place where they are grown, the drainage system around the winery, the quality of the soil, humidity content of the region and even the exposure levels to the sun. Other than these factors, one of the most important which is an important determinant in the making of wine is the techniques used to make the wine. In fact the different wineries formulate a customized wine making procedure according to the needs of their winery, so that they can bring out the best flavors of their grapes.

Harvesting: The next step in the winemaking process is the harvesting of the finely cultivated grapes. When the grapes are ripped and harvested it is very important that the timing of ripping the grapes is apt and the exact timing can be ascertained through experience. The timing of the ripping the grapes should be such that the grapes have the apt combination of sugar, acid and moisture. The harvesting of the grapes can be either done manually or mechanically, however majority of the grape wineries rip it manually.

Crushing: The next step after the grapes have been harvested is to crush and press so as to have their inherent flavors in the form of liquid. As the fruits are crushed the grapes withdraw their moisture content and the sugars. Many wineries make the usage of specialized machines for the process of crushing and pressing the grapes. The resultant liquid which is formed after crushing and pressing the wines is referred to as must, at this stage the wine will either turn into red color or white color depending on the preference of the winemaker. The wines become red when they are simply left after they are crushed because in this stage juices from the skin and the flavors are ripped off, thus when you leave the must for a certain period of time, the wine become red wine, and in case you immediately crush the wine after pressing and segregate the skin then the wine becomes white wine.

Fermentation: After the grapes are being crushed and pressed, the fermentation takes place since the grapes have good quantity of sugar and moisture they easily get fermented with the reaction of wild yeast. Fermentation takes almost 10 to 30 days, however this depends on the quality of grapes and the climate.

Clarifying the solution: The next step in wine making is clarifying the solution. It is also referred to as stabilization.

Bottling: The final stage is to transfer the clarified solution in the wooden barrels or bottles.

Source by Shiji Shijina


How to Make Your Husband Realize That He is Losing You? Here is the Best Method You Should Follow

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There are times when you know that your husband’s behavior and habits have started to kill the love you had for him. This is a serious matter and you wish that your husband will mend his ways before it becomes too late! Here are some ways in which you can make him realize that he could lose you!

Let him sense your dissatisfaction

There is no point pretending that you are happy and content when you are not! Don’t put up a false front and make him feel at ease. Let him know that you are sad and unhappy with the way things are. Let him realize that you are pushed to the limit and it is only a matter of time when you will take a decision about staying in the relationship.

Show him that you have had enough!

Don’t let him get comfortable with what he is doing. Let him know that you will not take his cheating lying down! Stop doing the usual things you have been doing for him. If he does not bother about your feelings, then you should not bother about his! This will make him review the situation and decide if he can carry on without you.

Get independent

Sometimes a man treats a woman like a slave because he feels that she needs him too much to walk out on him. Well if your husband thinks that you will never be able to live without him, then surprise him by getting independent. Get a job and become financially secure. Then start getting involved in activities that do not involve him. He will soon get the picture and will realize that he could lose you!

Two can play the game

If he is cheating on you, then all you got to do is to let him see that two can play the game. Become even more attractive and take the trouble to get a new wardrobe. Go out more often and form your own circle of friends. This will make him realize that he could lose you to someone else if he gets too careless and unfaithful.

Talk to him about the situation

Don’t keep him in the dark about your feelings. If you are unhappy about the way he behaves, his cheating and his callousness then it is only fair that you let him know. Once you speak your mind, he will have to respond to you either positively or negatively. Either way you will know the course of action you will have to take.

Drop subtle hints that you are beginning to pull away

There are a hundred little ways you can show him that you are beginning to pull away from him because of the way he treats you. If he has been cheating on you, then you should let him know that you will not tolerate it and are willing to walk away from the marriage unless he makes a sincere effort to change.

Get away from him for a while

Make a decision to go away for a while. If you have never been away from him, this is going to come as a surprise. He will begin to hate the idea of you pulling away from him. This is a great opportunity to think of the future and make up your mind about your marriage. The fact that you have made a move to get away from him will make him realize that he could be losing you.

Source by Krista Hiles


The Future of Online Shopping

Online sales will continue to rise. Every webpage designed to sell a product or market a service should understand the future of online shopping.

There are several major variables that make online sales attractive to the worldwide market. These variables include:
1) Value of Products / Services offered
2) Dependability and Reputation of the Seller
3) Ease and Security of payment
4) Ease and Security of shipping.

Younger and wealthier shoppers are driving a wave of online sales. Many of these people – having some web familiarity and disposable income – have learned to shop online for price comparisons and other comparative data. If shoppers find a superior situation, especially regarding the above 4 crucial variables they will usually become online buyers.

Online buyers establish shopping habits. They abandon bricks and mortar stores and malls as value, dependability, security and convenience of online buying improves.

Although the online buyer can not return an item as quickly in some situations as the buyer who can walk in and out of a Wal-Mart or Sears when the parking lot is not crowded or there is no line at the returns
desk, there are many other reasons to buy online.

Sellers of low-mass products – small books, DVDs, lightweight clothing have a marked edge in sales because shipping is relatively low in cost. The seller of these items does not need to pay the overhead of a store, staff, parking lot, utilities, etc. They pay only storage and shipping which is becoming increasingly automated.

Although people are rightfully afraid of bankcard fraud, I believe all card services will continue to improve security and improve buyer dispute processes.

Fraudulent emails sent to credit card holders (and all business accounts for that matter) will continue to be a big problem. As both merchants and shoppers become aware of these fraudulent practices it will be more difficult to exploit people with business accounts at PayPal or Amazon.

There is a probability, partly because of the price of fuel, that delivery services will consolidate to some extent in the future so that you will receive one or two regular deliveries per day of all goods you have purchased – including groceries – along with mail and newspaper, etc.

Each person may also have a receiving station service in the future whereby the shopper picks up everything from one large, secured lockbox. If a delivery is very large or has accumulated over days, a key would be left with directions to a nearby, larger overflow box. Security, insurance, and energy costs would all be cut by these changes.

Grocers have experimented with many forms of advertising, delivery, billing and credit. All of these ideas are improved with online transactions. Shopping from several grocery chains will be easier when you get free delivery and easy to find price comparisons. You will even be able to subscribe to discount announcements of various products.

Online education – especially college level offerings – has been slow to respond to the potential sale of services by internet. Online degrees will become more common, less expensive, and more legitimized with standardized and secured testing procedures of students. The knowledge areas in the cognitive domain can be done completely by internet. Educational offerings in the behavioral and affective domains will be greatly augmented by online offerings and testing as well.

Larger purchases will also be more prevalent on the internet, especially for mass produced items like automobiles. You can test-drive several models locally, then cruise websites regionally for price, color, accessories, delivery costs, taxes or other charges. This is already being done, but with advances in registration and licensing as well as online financing and insurance – you may spend 25 minutes on a website and be legally driving your new car in the time it takes to meet the delivery-person curbside.

Internet download of tickets and coupons is becoming widespread, and this will continue. Insurance policies and other documents can be downloaded as well.

Internet social life is here – even simplifying the dating and matching processes. This computerized internet socializing saves time and money. While it may lack some of the intangibles, it also allows a more fully objectified set of tangibles, as well as leaving time for the intangibles that happen after screening.

The internet will also become easier to use: fewer viruses, popups, host and server problems. This adds up to faster, easier, safer and less expensive shopping.

Source by Arthur L Browning


Sales Letter Writing – Using AIDA

Writing a sales letter that really moves the product it’s promoting isn’t something everybody can do, but there are those who could well be great marketing copy writers, but who still have to learn the basics of direct mail copywriting, be it for the web or for print.

One of the most successful formulas for any copywriter is what’s commonly known as AIDA, an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

If you’ve had any previous interest in copywriting, you’ll probably have heard of AIDA already, but knowing what it stands for isn’t synonymous with knowing how to put it into use. Just how do you grab the reader’s attention? What’s needed in order to get them interested in the product? How do you stimulate the desire to own the product? And finally, what action’s needed and how do you get the reader to do as you ask?


The average website visitor will spend just seven seconds scanning a page before deciding whether or not it contains the information he’s looking for. Unless he feels that your page is the right place for him to be, he’ll be out of there quicker than the proverbial bat in a hot place!

As sales letters are notoriously long (there’s a lot of information to be given, after all), it’s important you use:

  • Bullet points
  • Headings
  • Coloured text
  • Tables
  • Graphics

All of the above will draw attention to important points within the letter. Use them to draw the reader to those points you believe he needs to notice during his initial scan, as well as points you feel ought to be highlighted whilst he’s reading – after all, few people read everything that’s included in a sales letter.


Now that you’ve got the reader’s attention, you need to keep them interested.

The first paragraph of your sales letter is very important here, as it needs to arouse curiosity. The best way to do this is generally through a question.

  • Do you know how many people are paying too much for the electricity?
  • Isn’t it about time the government improved our schools?
  • What do you imagine’s the best way to earn money on the Internet?
  • How often have you been made a promise that wasn’t delivered?

A question will immediately engage the reader, rousing interest.

However, it’s important that the question is relevant to the product you’re selling. There’s no point in asking about the price of electricity if you’re selling a cocktail shaker!

Questions also need an answer. Make your answer interesting.

  • According to a recent survey carried out by “Surveys Inc”, 36 percent of Americans are paying well over the odds for their electricity supply – and most don’t even know there’s a cheaper alternative!
  • 36 percent of Americans pay too much for their electricity and have no idea they could get it cheaper.

Which do you think works better? I’d say the first example because it tells you where the data comes from, uses conversational language and has a mild “shock” element to it.

Use humour where suitable and keep the tone light. Give the reader facts but don’t drown him in dry statistics and lists of numbers. Ask yourself whether you’d find what you’ve written interesting or not.


Hopefully, you’ll have hooked your reader and have him interested enough to want to know the benefits of the product you’re offering. It’s now up to you to convince him that he MUST have this product.

Every possible benefit should be mentioned. Let’s say you’re selling a year’s subscription to a men’s fitness magazine. What benefits might the book have? There are obvious benefits such as learning how to improve your overall health and fitness, reading about celebs and how they work-out, and reading about the latest trends, but they’re really not enough to base the sale of a year’s subscription on. You have to give the customer something that he won’t get by going to shop and buying the magazine in individual editions.

  • 12 editions for the price of 10 – let him know how much a subscription will save him
  • A free pulse meter with ever subscription – let him know how much this is worth and what it can do to help him improve his fitness levels
  • The magazine delivered right to your doorstep 3 days before it hits the shops – make it clear how much easier it is to NOT have to go out in rain and wind in order to buy the magazine, only to discover that it’s sold out!
  • Receive special gifts available only to subscribers – give examples of the kind of gifts subscribers can expect and what their value is likely to be.

The above are all incentives that are designed to create desire in the customer. People like to get as much as possible for their money and, quite often, they’ll buy the subscription to save money and receive free gifts, even though they’d no intention of buying the magazine to start with!

Give them reasons to want what you’re offering!


Now comes the crucial part – you need to get the reader to do what you ask of him.

  • Order the product
  • Donate money
  • Sign up for your service

Whatever it is you need him to do, it’s vital that you don’t lose him at this point.

Offer clear links to your payment/donation/sign-up page and reiterate not only what he’ll be getting by acting now, but any possible consequences of not ordering/donating etc.

“Order the ‘thingamyjig’ now to save yourself from the backbreaking task of digging the vegetable beds”

“Click the link to be one of the lucky first 100 customers who will no longer need to worry about frozen pipes during winter”

Both of the above examples point out the benefits of acting now, but also make it perfectly obvious that not doing so will have consequences. Who wants to dig the veggie bed if they don’t have to? And would you want to deal with frozen pipes unnecessarily?


Hopefully you’ll now be better equipped to use the AIDA method when writing your sales letters.

There’s absolutely no doubt that when used properly, AIDA can greatly improve the number of sales your copy will generate so it’s worthwhile investing some time in getting it right.

Although everybody doesn’t have the ability to write marketing copy, there are plenty who can but because they haven’t understood how it should be done, their copy simply hasn’t given them the results they need. By using AIDA, that will change dramatically!

Good luck.

Source by Sharon Jacobsen


Tips on What to Do If Your Dog Urinates Blood

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If you’re like most pet owners, you probably just about lose it when you notice your dog urinating blood. If there is blood in the urine, your dog most likely has a bacterial infection in its late stages. You need to treat the infection aggressively because if you leave it be, it could become life-threatening.

When your dog is urinating blood, you need to take her to the vet immediately. The blood in her urine could be a symptom of bladder stones, kidney stones, or a bacterial infection. If a bladder stone is the cause, your vet may choose to do surgery or dissolve the stone by giving your dog a special diet.

If your dog has kidney stones, she will probably look and act very ill. Even if she ate commercial dog foods prior to having the stones it’s best that you take her off of those foods immediately and put her on a strict diet of raw and unprocessed food. A dog urinating blood must not eat any foods that contain artificial ingredients.

Your veterinarian may prescribe a diet high in fat and salt in order to dissolve the stones in your dog’s kidney. If the stone is small, it may come out with some manipulation of the bladder. It’s important not to freak out if you do notice blood in your dog’s urine because in most cases it can be easily resolved. If your dog is urinating blood, you need to make changes to his diet and lifestyle while at the same time administering treatment.

If you notice your dog urinating blood and it is likely that a bacterial infection is the culprit, the vet will probably have him urinate in a cup and test it for bacterial cultures. A male dog is less likely than a female dog to have a urinary infection. Female dogs are more susceptible because their ureters are shorter, making it easier for bacteria to travel up the urinary tract.

If the cause of the bacterial infections is a birth defect, surgery may be necessary. If you don’t treat the cause as well as the symptom, the infections will only keep returning. When your dog is urinating blood, she is also in a lot of pain. To alleviate the symptoms and address the underlying imbalances that may be causing the problem, give your dog a homeopathic remedy.

Unlike drug treatment, homeopathic remedies are 100% safe and side effect free. Antibiotics are expensive and dangerous. They have to be used in such high doses and for such long periods that they usually end up aggravating the symptoms of your dog urinating blood rather than alleviate them.

Help your dog lead a healthy, active lifestyle at all times and not just when you notice that your dog is urinating blood. Take him out on a walk at least twice a day. Make sure he is eating well. Don’t let him hold in his pee for very long. If you notice that his urine has an unusual smell, step up treatment by giving him a homeopathic remedy. Better yet, give him a homeopathic remedy on a regular basis to keep his urinary tract, bladder, and urine flow healthy.

Source by Stephen Jones


Coin Laundry Marketing Plan – Ideas on Promoting a Laundromat Business

It is amazing how many entrepreneurs think that the laundromat business does not require much in the way of a marketing strategy. A common school of thought is that if you are in the right place then people will come and they will tell their friends and neighbours. While this is true to some extent, what these people don’t realize that you could do so much better if you did have a marketing plan in place.

You need a good coin laundry marketing plan if you want to maximize the potential of your location. Basically, you should start by trying to understand your prospective customers and figuring out what kind of branding and services will appeal to them. Then set out a plan to bring them in to your coin laundry and treat them in a way that makes them want to return. Below are some coin laundry marketing ideas that you may consider incorporating into your business.

Market Research

Before you can truly understand the needs of your customers you need to identify them first. Study the area around your laundromat and try to put together some typical customer profiles. Not only do you need to know if the area has enough potential but you also have to know how to best serve the people living in the area. If you target students then you would need commercial washing machines with smaller capacities than you would if you targeted families. If you are in an upmarket area then you would consider also offering a ‘wash and fold’ service or partnering up with a dry cleaner.

Distinguish Your Coin Laundry From the Competition

If you will be facing some tough competition then you should look at how you can create a better experience for people than what is currently on offer. At the basic level you can offer better equipment that is more targeted to people’s needs, but there is so much more that you can do as well.

Think of a way to design your laundromat to incorporate some unique facilities that you feel would be appealing to your target market. If your clientele include a large number of young mothers with children then you might consider having a small play area built in. Internet service, video games and snack counters are other things that you might try.

One way to distinguish your laundromat from others in your area is to design it with a theme in mind. You could have a ‘retro’ theme or an ethnic theme for example and use signage, wall space, TV and music to compliment this theme and to develop a unique experience.

Branding Strategy

Just like any other business, a laundromat needs to develop a brand that is respected and trusted in the market. Start out by choosing a great name and getting a logo designed as this will add to your image and help to enforce perceptions among customers that you are running a professional operation. Brand development is more about the customer experience over time and what they come to expect from you. Good branding is about making a promise to customers and always living up to their expectations.

Marketing with Advertising and Promotions

Laundromats can benefit from advertising campaigns just like any other business. Test out all of the regular local business advertising options and see which ones prove to be more effective. Set aside a small percentage of your profit each month for this purpose.

Flyers are a great way to get the word out about your coin laundry for minimal expense. Have some nice looking flyers printed up that highlight the facilities that you offer and then get them out into the hands of local people. Make sure that you distribute them using only methods that comply with local ordinances about such unsolicited mail drops. Make sure that you include a detailed map on the flyer so that everyone knows exactly how to find you.

There are all kinds of promotions that you can try to bring people into your laundromat and to generate some publicity. You c hold ‘singles nights’ for couples who are interested in dating while they do their washing for example.

Online Marketing

There are many ways that you can market you laundromat on the Internet. Once you have a website set up, the best way to start is by getting listed with some of the laundromat directories that are out there. These directories are the starting point for many who go online looking for a laundromat.

You can also look at having some ‘search engine optimization’ done on your website or buying some ‘pay per click’ advertising on Google or other popular search engines. If you target the right keywords then you will ensure that anyone looking for a laundromat in your area will find you.

Try to build up an email list so that you can keep in contact with your clients. Send them the occasional coupon or special offer to remind them about you. It is amazing how email can help you to re-connect with customers that haven’t been in for a while.


One great way to market your laundromat is to network with other local business owners. One great example would be that of a coin laundry owner who is located in a tourist area. Travellers staying in local accommodation will often ask the owner or receptionist where they can find a laundromat. Under this scenario you would want to make sure that every local motel or backpackers lodge knew about you and would happily refer business to you.

Customer Retention

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you need a marketing plan that puts special emphasis on customer retention. If customers have a positive experience with you then they are likely to return and tell other people about you. If they don’t then you risk losing them to a competitor. It is often said that it is more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to maintain an existing one. A good customer could be worth hundreds of dollars to your business each year.

Focus on keeping your customers happy by always providing first class service. Ensure that machines are well maintained and that you respond to complaints promptly. Make sure that your store is clean, that customers know how to use the machines and that any attendants you have on duty are polite and helpful.

With the right marketing strategies in place it is possible to drastically improve the performance of a laundromat without necessarily going to a lot of expense. Set out to make your laundromat a success with a winning marketing strategy.

Source by James K Rouse


The Best Executive Book Summaries – Cliff Notes For Business Books

The Best Executive Book Summary service is the one you use. Surely, I’m going to tell you about the best ones out there and which one leads the pack, but if you still don’t use it…

Putting Book Summary into Google, the first one that pops up is Soundview Executive Book Summaries. This site has a pretty deep pool of resources, all of which you must pay for. They have membership services, summaries by category, a Summary Store and audio library. Basically, they’re the Amazon of Book Summary sites – but when you get into the meat of it – their summaries are quite long and dramatic. Their summary of John Maxwell’s 360 Degree Leader is 8 pages of text – but no analysis. They do advertise 20 minutes of reading, but it seems more than 20 to me. Plus, summary without analysis seems like half of what you need.

Get Abstract in another services that advertises heavily in Skymall magazine. Each of their summaries are 5 pages – about 10 minutes of reading. I love how their summaries start out: First the list of things you’ll take-away from the book, second what you will learn from the book and then a short recommendation paragraph. That all precedes the summary. On the list GetAbstract is much more user friendly than Soundview.

Finally, the newest member of the club is Go Brevity. This service melds the best of Get Abstract with analysis and video. Rick Raddatz reviews one book per week – though you can listen to any of them whenever you want. In a short 4 – 5 minute video, Rick talks about the take-aways from the book, the high points and summarizes what the author wants you to learn. But the bulk of the video is explaining how you can use this information in your business. Honestly, isn’t that what we really want from these great books of insight anyway?

Of the three Go Brevity combines the short summary, analysis and how you can use the lessons the best. And since reading is what you’re not able to do now – he does it in 4 – 5 minute video segments, with the transcript and printed analysis ready for viewing and download.

Source by Dan R Morris