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Perseverance and Marketing

One of the key to success is perseverance in Marketing. A lot of people, who have succeeded in online marketing, experienced innumerable hurdles thrown their way. The mere fact that they’re still here and on the top means that they did not give up. There’s no giving up in business, you can only go forward and try again.

I don’t need to enumerate famous historical and contemporary figures who blew the world away with their ideas, inventions and achievements. And I don’t need to enumerate unknown personalities who have the talent and intelligence but grew old and turned to dust without the world knowing about their existence. What is the difference between these two kinds of people? The answer is simple: The heart. Having the heart the “want-to” to succeed is more important than mere talent or intelligence alone. You must want it and with wanting it, you have to persevere! Don’t quit!

GOAL. Perseverance in marketing involves distinct and concrete goals based on your abilities, resources, needs and vision. How do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years? How do you achieve them? Why do you want these goals? Keep in mind that while you develop your goals, be positive.

INTENT. You must have the intent to achieve these goals of yours. How? You should list down all your goals alongside with the strategies on how to achieve them. Don’t forget to include your time line as well. Your goals can be general so you must break them into several simple steps and try working on them one by one. Focus on achieving them.

POSITIVITY. Surround yourself who will not bring you down, instead show you the support that you need and celebrate your achievements with you. Go out and meet people who are positive and encourage others to do well. Read books that will motivate you. Quitting is a loser’s game. Ofcourse you will make mistakes, of course something will stop you from moving up. Life isn’t that easy as we all know. That’s just how it goes. But it’s not reason enough to cave in to quitting. Never dwell in the past because you can’t do anything to change it, rather focus on what you can do. Maintain an optimistic perspective and you will be fine. Failure happens to everybody. Mistakes happen to everybody.

CELEBRATE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS. Perseverance in marketing results to accomplishments. You must acknowledge your accomplishments together with your support system. It’s one way of affirming to yourself that you did a good job and everything will be fine no matter what happens. It’s one way of celebrating your mistakes as well; how it taught you the path to success.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR SOUL. If you’re down and drained to every inches of your fiber, stop and listen to your body. It is of utmost importance to take care of your mind, body, emotions and spirit. A regular quiet time and reassessment of your lifestyle will help you become a better you. Recharge your power, hang out with friends, have fun once in a while. People who get jaded are those whose life revolves around their job and they have forgotten the good things that family, the environment and friends can give them.

Source by Clement K Christiansen

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