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Pros and Cons of Replacement Spa Covers and Hot Tub Covers

It is not uncommon for traditional foam spa covers to be completely destroyed by a heavy rain or hail, even within the very first year of owning your spa. Because traditional rigid foam spa covers and hot tub covers do not absorb impact very well, they tend to get hammered, damaged or even broken by hail, falling debris and branches. When rain or hail pounds on the foam cover it causes it to break down and allows it to sink into your spa. If your spa cover or hot tub cover has been taking a pounding due to hail damage, it may be time to find a more resistant replacement cover.

Your first option would be to go for spa or hot tub covers which are constructed out of aluminum which would be stronger than the foam filled covers. The only downside to these types of covers is that they lack flexibility and would therefore take up significant space for storage purposes. What’s more, an aluminum cover could easily turn into a large and destructive Frisbee during wind storms.

An alternative would be to choose a roll spa or hot tub cover which is very strong and essentially serves as a portion of deck that is rolled over the spa. The cons to this type of cover however, are that it tends to collect bits of debris which make their way into the spa, and also doesn’t offer much in terms of insulation.

Another choice would be to go for a reinforced rigid foam spa cover or hot tub cover that has foam glued to the board for added strength which enables it to withstand devastating hail storms. Although, such covers also tend to transform into heavy and dangerous objects during wind storms, and could easily do serious damage to anything they land on. What’s more, once such a cover becomes saturated, you will need up to four pair of hands to open your spa.

Alternatively, you could opt for a spa cover or hot tub cover that is able to give or absorb impacts. Such air-filled spa covers are designed to guard against impact damage resulting from contact with branches, debris or severe hail. An air filled spa cover will be able to withstand fierce hail stones and storms without getting damaged. Such covers are normally tested for quality by having golf balls driven into them at close range.

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