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Sample Invitation Letter – Point, Click and Use

Need a sample invitation letter?  Then check out the one below.

As a business owner you can create opportunities to extend invitations to not only customers, but colleagues, co-workers, joint venture partners, etc.  And when you do you want your invitations to be…well, let’s just say that you want them to be inviting.

In the end your invitation is an extension of what you’re trying to accomplish and will be influenced by whether it’s going to be delivered by letter, invitation cards, fliers, or email. Getting the desired result will also be effected by the length of the invitation.  For example, an effective invitation letter doesn’t have to be long.  In fact , some of the ones that get the most response are relatively short.

Below is an example of a short sample invitation letter to illustrate the point.


Mr. James Smith

2020 Bird Nest Road

Your Town, USA 11111

Dear Mr. Smith;

I’m writing to extend an invitation to join us for a special open house so that we can thank you for your business!

Next week will be the 20th year that [name of your business] has been in business and you’ve played an important part in it.  Please join us for a special in store celebration for food, live music and door prizes to mark the occasion.

Where:  [name of business]

Date:   October 1, 2010

Time:   5 PM

Please call by September 25th to let me know if you’ll be joining us.  We look forward to seeing you October 1.


[Your name]

Summarily, when thinking about what you want to say always think “economy of words”; specifically, you want to communicate as effectively as you can in as few words as possible.  That’s it for now and please feel free to use this sample template for your next invitation letter campaign.

Source by Lanard Perry

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