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Saying Sorry to Your Girlfriend – How to Make Amends and Repair the Relationship

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Saying sorry to your girlfriend can feel like a monumental task. If you’ve hurt her so deeply that she’s now told you that she needs time or space, you have some work to do. If you don’t do the right things, and apologize in just the right way, you may actually cause even more damage and lose her for good. Saying you’re sorry isn’t going to cut it. You need to take it a step further to ensure you can repair the relationship and get her back to feeling close and connected to you again.

When it comes to saying sorry to your girlfriend you have to do it with meaning and conviction. Depending on what you did, this may mean that you need to apologize several times or just once. Although it is tempting to accompany the apology with a gift or flowers this actually isn’t the best idea. It can be misinterpreted by a woman if she’s feeling highly emotional. She may see the goodwill gesture as a bribe and the sincere apology you were trying to deliver will be lost in translation. Leave all gifts out of it. Instead ask her to meet with you and then tell her you’re sorry.

Trying to explain why you did what you did should come at a later time. When you’re apologizing to your girlfriend you want to keep it simple and straightforward. Tell her that you regret what you did and you deeply regret the pain it has caused her. Let her know that you are just as disappointed in your own behavior as she is.

The next part of your quest to get your girlfriend to forgive you is to show her that you truly are a changed man. Telling her that you’ll be different or you won’t repeat the same mistake may be lost on her. She may doubt that and it would be for good reason. Your past behavior is what is guiding her decision making now so you need to show her, through your renewed actions, that you’re a better person who has learned from his past mistakes. Change whatever behavior caused you to hurt her. Let her see that you have a renewed purpose in life and that’s to make her trust you and your love for her again.

Obviously it will take time, but with patience and persistence you can rebuild the relationship so it’s even better than it was before. You love her so she’s more than worth the effort.

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