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Signs Guy Likes You – Decode His Feelings

Was it just your imagination? So you are drinking a glass of wine and this guy just suddenly turned his back. You looked somewhere but you sensed that he is looking at you. You looked his way and your eyes meet. He looked away and continues talking to his friends. Are you just making things up? Or is that a sign that this guy likes you? Is he also watching your moves?

Wouldn’t it be better if you know the signs that he likes you? You can give a better response to his action and you two might just end up as lovers. Well, men’s feelings have just been decoded and here are the signs that he likes you. Once you see any of these signs, it means he will ask you out any minute.

He gives “That Look”

Ever felt like somebody is looking at your every move? You know that feeling when somebody is looking at you from head to toe? Not the envious or intimidated look, but the look of a man whose world just stopped spinning in your presence. “That look” says it all – he can’t resist you; his eyes are nailed. Even if he is across the room and there are several people between you, his looks have some kind of power to penetrate within anyone trying to block his sight.

Your Conversation

So he finally excused himself (or secretly slipped) from his friends and walk towards you. He says “Hi” and introduce himself and then you answered back. He asks you questions from the “getting to know you” question list. Notice how he listens to your answers? He is trying to analyze your answers. Notice where his questions are leading? He’s waiting for the perfect time to ask “Are you seeing anyone?” Unless you forgot to take it off, never wear a ring when you are still in your quest to find a boyfriend. It takes a lot of courage to ask you that question when he already saw that you are wearing a ring. Men find it very difficult to determine whether that rings means you’re taken or not.

He Shows Up Out of Nowhere

One of the signs that a guy likes you is when he appears unexpectedly. You might suddenly see him in the mall or you might bump into each other (which he intended to) while you’re in the bar. He can easily do this as he may do his own research and ask your friends about where you are or where you will go. He may also get some clues on your previous conversation. His first words will be “Oh, hi” and then “uhm” or “argh”. This poor guy is looking for words. But then, he will finally say “I didn’t mean to scare you but I’m really interested in you”. Do you feel the same way? Talk to him and don’t be shy if you do because if you won’t, you will push this guy away from you.

Source by Tina L. Jones

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