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Stealth Hypnosis – Killer Secrets For Hypnotizing Women to Like You

Can you hypnotize a woman into liking you and if so how do you do that.

Well the truth is there are many ways to hypnotize women, in fact there are more ways to hypnotize women than just about any other creature on the planet. And that of course is the problem.

You see women know this too.

That means they are on the look out for just about every form of direct and active hypnosis out there.

Including things like Speed Seduction(tm) and the “Mystery Method ™ blah blah blah.

And if you are even contemplating using NLP here is a sobering tidbit for you.

There are more women certified in NLP than men.

In the world of black hypnosis we have many ways of exerting influence in the world, especially with women. In the secret style of Covert Hypnosis That I Do there are three areas that you need to master.

Once you master them, women and men will flock to you like moths to a flame, hang on your every word, give you what ever you want and think you are the most interesting, charismatic and powerful person they know.

Sounds like an awful good deal doesn’t it? You bet your booty amigo.

So…Whats the catch? How easy is this method to learn? Can anyone learn it? Are you just another article marketer trying to hook me into buying your course? Well, here is the readers digest condensed version.

No, I am not trying to sell you anything, I’m just really pissed off that so many people are out there pushing stuff

most people with years of experience can’t make work and they expect you to be able to make it work too.

Most of the people selling conversational hypnosis or how to hypnotize women, can’t actually do it. But I invite you to check my credentials. I have been doing and teaching this stuff for YEARS. I know what works so pay attention and start researching the areas that I am suggesting to you.

There are three major elements you need to hypnotize anyone and literally have them hypnotize themselves into liking and obeying you.

1. You need to be an expert at generating attraction, (that means being perceived as attractive)

2. You need to be an expert at kinesthetic rapport (this is not nlp style rapport)

3. You need to radiate Natural Authority where ever you go.

When you combine Attractiveness, Authority and Rapport, you automatically send people into profound trance states when ever you enter a room or where ever you go. You create instant charisma and people will find themselves just wanting to be around you.

Now keep in mind Attractiveness, Authority and Rapport Are Big Chunks, But they are the difference between passive hypnotic operators and active hypnotic operators. These are the foundations of true covert hypnosis.

Yes, hypnotic language patterns are cool, and sexy, and do work to a certain degree, but the energy that drives your language is who you are as a person, the power and amplitude of your passive hypnotic attributes and that is what we are talking about here.

Active hypnotic operators take energy, they can be detected and they have to be consciously used with intent, intent can be detected by women (especially women who get approached a lot) but someone who radiates passive attractiveness and Natural Authority automatically bypasses a woman’s major defense mechanism and signals her to become more compliant and often engage in “attraction generating/flirting” behaviors.

These attributes cause a woman to willingly enter a frame of reality and belief where YOU dictate what is true, what is right and how they should behave.

Remember this important point = Attraction is a Trance State, any phenomenon that triggers attraction creates a window into a trance state that encourages compliance… Without you having to do anything.

The other byproduct of mastering the three Meta Skills of Attractiveness, Authority and Rapport is that you tend to attract attention where every you go. This gives you another fundamental gateway into a persons mind…


Anything that causes a person to pay attention creates a window into trance that can be leveraged if you know the proper techniques.

And Thats Just The Beginning…

Remember our ultimate goal is compliance, to get compliance you need to bypass the part of a womans mind that feels the need to resist. The fastest ones are




If you mastered no other skills but these three, your closing rate on hypnotizing people would be very near 100%

How Cool Is That?

Source by David X.

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