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Testicle Pain & Symptoms That Identify Genital Conditions And Treatment Tips For A Swollen Scrotum

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Testicle pain is not normal, but before you go getting into a panic it doesn’t mean that it’s something sinister either. Painful testicles can be a result of several things and the primary one being trauma. A heavy knock to the genital area or a kick in the groin would leave any man doubled over in pain and very likely winded too.

Not being able to connect testicle pain to a knock see a doctor. At least after talking to the GP you will find out what, is causing the discomfort. You may be sent for tests if the medic cannot identify the problem at the surgery.

Remember not all testicle pain is down to testicular cancer if this is a worry at the back of your mind. Of course you will be examined for disease of this type that is, if the doctor has no answer as to the cause of the pain at the time of consultation. It’s natural to show concern, but try not to fret as it could be over little or nothing. And for the record some cancers don’t bring pain.

Painful swollen testicles and testicle lumps can be the outcome of injury. Guys that get easily embarrassed and don’t want to see a doctor don’t be silly. The quicker you find the reason behind the suffering the better. An untreated condition while in its early stage will worsen ending up in the late stage therefore making the healing process more difficult.

Sudden, testicle pain is something that needs seeing to immediately.

Pain in one or both testicles can spread to the lower abdomen. Testicles are round shaped balls that hang in a sac inside the scrotum. Particular conditions that affect the testicles may cause abdominal pain before it makes way to the testicles, testicular torsion being one of those conditions.

What is testicular torsion? It means twisted. Twisting cuts off the blood supply and tissue dies. If not treated early it can lead to infertility.

Painful Conditions

Epididymitis is strongly connected to inflammation of the ducts. This is where sperm passes out of the testicle. Anticipated symptom is a warm red swollen scrotum. Scrotal pain is usual with epididymitis and urinary system infections. Then, there is Orchitis another disease connected with inflammation of testicle tissue, caused by bacteria, or virus.

Fluid can cause tender swollen testicles

Varicocele affects the veins in the scrotum where they become great in size. These veins carry blood away from the testicles therefore the job they are supposed to will not happen, due largeness.

Spermatocele (fluid in the epididymis.) is again another regular problem for men.

Hydrocele fluid filled scrotum.

Hernia: Not everyone knows what it is or what is included with a hernia, but quite surprisingly all will have heard of it. Hernia is weakness in the muscular wall of the abdomen. A ring of intestine can lunge through because of the weakness bringing a lump on the outside. A large hernia can end up in the scrotum. Pain now is more abdominal rather than scrotal. It can get really sore with coughing or sneezing.

If pain is in the groin or genital area that you are sure is a result of injury or fluid pain relief will reduce swelling and ease soreness.


Consider buying an athletic supporter. This will support the scrotum

Gently apply an ice pack to the scrotum to reduce swelling

Treat inflammation with a warm damp compress

Lie on your back on the bed and put a clean towel folded under your scrotum

Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen two painkillers that will help with pain and swelling

Whether the testicle pain is from injury it is still sensible to have it checked out. A quick physical examination will be done. The doctor will direct his attention to the groin, testicles, and abdomen. Let the doctor be the one to diagnose the exact problem because after all he or she is the professional.

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