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That Office Party With Its Christmas Speeches

Should Christmas decorations be on sale before Halloween? That’s a subject that comes up for debate every year. So too does the matter of what to wear to the firm’s Christmas party. For C.E.O’s and managers it is time to write those Christmas speeches.

Even in these recessionary times many companies will go ahead with their annual staff get-together. The function may not be in an expensive a location this year as it was previously. Perhaps companies will not invite spouses or partners this time around. Nonetheless the importance of the Christmas party should never be underestimated. It is a time when staff forget their everyday roles and become party animals

It is a time when a social committee puts in a lot of hard work to organise the perfect party. They decide on a suitable venue and on how it will be decorated. They make decisions on whether to go for a traditional meal or something strange and exotic. They choose what music is suitable and whether or not there will be dancing or entertainment. They may even decide whether or not the occasion is formal. Whatever they decide about that there is no doubt but that everyone will come dressed to the hilt in their party best. There is no doubt either that sometime during the night bosses will give their Christmas speeches.

The Christmas party then is an occasion when various departments meet. It is a time when staff members get to know each other as friends rather than simply as colleagues. It is the night of the year when management members meet and mingle with their staff. It is a night when talk will be about Christmas gifts and Christmas plans. It is a night for unwinding and who knows maybe someone will have a bright idea that will benefit the company when they are relaxed and amongst their own.

That’s what it is all about you see, being with your own. It doesn’t matter whether you work packing parcels or you are the chief executive. At the Christmas party you are just one of the crowd. You belong to a particular company and it is a night for being proud of that fact. Undoubtedly during the night the C.E.O. or the manager will give a, hopefully, short speech. He/she will of course welcome guests and talk about the year that has passed and how it has affected the company. He/she may make an announcement about changes in the future or about new opportunities he foresees. He/she will talk about his/her pride in the workforce. His/her speech will be motivational and should deliver that feel good factor. It will undoubtedly end with a toast to Christmas and the firm.

Source by Niamh Crowe

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