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The Difference Between Online Fax and Traditional Fax

Online fax is the newest innovation when it comes to business communications. It is starting to take the place of traditional fax machines as it claims to be more reliable, convenient and fast.

A lot of people have been so used to their good ol’ fax machines that they are just so used to how it works. It seems that although it has its own disadvantages, people still see it as their security blanket. They cannot part with it because anything beyond it is unimaginable. If you are among these people, then read on to discover the difference between the two services and which is the best, as claimed.

1. Fax machines work like photocopy machines. They produce exact copies of the documents that are fed in them. So if you send a document using a traditional fax machine, it will create a verbatim copy of that same document. On the other hand, online fax produces digital copies of the documents which are then sent to your email addresses.

2. Online fax uses the technology of the World Wide Web to transmit messages, on the other hand, fax machines uses telephone signals to send its documents. Since online fax is web-based, it is affected by outages, downtimes and other conditions that affect connectivity. On the contrary, traditional fax machines rely on phone cables which are less prone to connectivity issues.

3. Traditional fax machines require you to be physically present before it can send and receive online fax documents. You have to feed the paper one by one on your fax machine to ensure that nothing will be missed. Also, if you are receiving fax messages, especially confidential ones, you need to be physically beside the faxing machine so that you can be sure that your message will not fall in the wrong hands.

On the other side, online fax affords its users mobility and accessibility. You do not have to be physically present to receive fax since everything is sent straight to your inbox. You don’t also have to be physically present in your office or wherever the fax machine is to send your fax. All you need to have is a web-enabled equipment (desktop computers, laptops, cell phones, PDAs, etc.). As long as you have it and you’re online, you can continue sending and receiving fax messages.

4. Fax broadcasting is a feature that will allow you to send one fax message to hundreds of recipients. The web interface of online fax is a lot like email. If you can forward inspiring stories via email, you can also send multiple fax messages to all contacts in your address book, in just one click. Using traditional fax methods however, you have to dial hundreds of numbers for your contacts before you can send one fax message.

These are just some of the main differences between online fax and traditional fax machines. This is just a quick rundown so once you’ve made the switch, then expect that you can get more.

Source by Tina L Douglas

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