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The Latin Influence on Spanish

The Spanish language, like Italian and French, is called a Romance language. The reason being that it has a marked influence of Latin (Roman) language on its vocabulary like the other two languages mentioned above.

Since the country of Spain remained under Roman influence for many centuries to which they gave the name ” The Iberian Peninsula “, the Spanish language has borrowed heavily from the Latin. Following are a few examples which illustrated this point.

Water is called Agua in Spanish and Aqua in Latin. Spirit is called Alma in Spanish and Anima in Latin. The number one is called Uno in Spanish and unus in latin. Two is called dos in Spanish and duos in Spanish. Three is the same in both languages i.e Tres. Similarly the similarities in the days of the weeks are also striking. In Spanish Monday is called Lunes; in Latin Lunae. Tuesday is Martes in Spanish; in Latin Martis. Saturday is Sabado in Spanish; Sabbatum in Latin. If we move towards the months of the year, the same similarity awaits us. August is Agosto in Spanish and Agustus in Latin. October is Octubre in Spanish and October in Latin and so on.

Even in the tenses we find amazing similarities. For instance we in Spanish is Nosotros while in Latin it is nosalteros. They in Spanish is vosotros and in Latin it is vosalteros.

Thus from the above study we conclude that Spanish has borrowed heavily from Latin in terms of vocabulary as well as in grammar.

Source by Waqar Awan

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