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The Power of the Sub-Conscious Mind by Joseph Murray

I am now reading the Power of the Sub-Conscious mind for the second time. I cannot get enough of this book. It resonates with everything I believe as to why we exist and how our thoughts completely create the life we choose no matter what.

If I am having a bad day, I will go home, flip open this book, and I will always find my answer. I know from reading this book that there is nothing that will get past your conscious mind beliefs until you so convince that part of your mind to make it true. Remember, the conscious mind is the king, if he doesn’t believe it, you have to work on it by producing a better thought, or repeating your affirmation of choice. For example, if you say to yourself, “I am rich,” your conscious will not believe that, he knows better, so you have to change that statement to something it will believe, like, “my wealth is increasing every day.” That is a more believable statement to your conscious, once that is done, your subconscious takes over and works on making things happen in your everyday life. You will notice ideas coming to you that will help increase your wealth, like another job, a potential home business either by yourself or a friend may call you out of the blue with a great opportunity in the form of a partnership. You will find yourself at times saying, “I was just thinking about that,” well, there is a reason for that, you thought it and things started to happen because of that focus on a particular thought. There is no such thing as a coincidence, it happened for a reason. Pay attention to your thoughts, watch how they go all over the place, try to control them when they get like that, and just think about what you really want because you can have it. The mind is a powerful place and that is how everything in this world became to be, it all starts with a thought that becomes stronger and then action follows that thought because your desire becomes that strong to allow it to manifest.

The power of our thoughts is so very interesting to me and I strongly encourage everyone to pick up a copy of this book, leave it by your night stand and read a little every night. This book will lift your spirits in every respect, I promise.

Source by Lisa A Jordan

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