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Things to Say to a Woman To Make Her Fall Helplessly in Love With You

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Here’s an important part of dating: sweet talk! Most men don’t realize how powerful this seduction tool is until it’s too late (either someone else used this on the same girl and she fell for it or you realize years later that it’s exactly what she wanted from you).

The fact is, women absolutely adore hearing sweet flattery from men. But beware, there’s a thin, almost invisible line between sweet and cheesy. If you can’t figure out what’s cheesy and what’s sweet, here’s a 3-point guide to help you out.

So what do you tell women to make them fall for you?

Line 1. The “Lucky Guy” line.

Saying “I’m so lucky I found you” will work if said with utmost sincerity and moving vulnerability. It really depends on how emotionally open you are while you’re saying it. The best way is to say this with a catch in your voice, like you’re only just realizing the magnitude of your luck.

Line 2. The “Everyday With You” line. 

If you tell her that you want to spend every second with you, two things could happen. First, she might feel threatened and freaked out (who isn’t scared of stalkers eh?). Second, she might just believe you and expect you to be there all the time (and probably hold you to that promise). The best way is to say this line light-heartedly. Wink at her while you say this.

Line 3: “I Love You…”

This line is probably the most powerful of all. If you just met, you can suffuse your voice with wonder. If you’ve been dating for a while, emphasize this phrase with a kiss. Whatever you do, reserve this line only for very intense situations. She must be emotionally charged to receive this line from you. You must also be at your most romantic when you tell her this, or she won’t believe you.

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