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Timidity – 5 Strategies to Overcome It

The great Greekorator Demosthenes was said to have been tongue-tied when he tried to make his first speech in public. Today, he is regarded the world’s greatest orator. Timidity is a habit most people pick up while in their formative years. This highly untoward trait might be due to environmental factors, family problems, lack of education, among other causes. As Demosthenes faced his fear and conquered it, so can any individual overcome this three winged monster

First of all, a timid person must resolve in his mind to change, every battle has to be won first in the mind. A strong resolve will help to lay a good foundation for the rehabilitation process.

Timidity can be dealt with to a good extent when the individual takes care of his/her appearance, a good blend of colors of the outward adornment – shoes and clothes, personal grooming, and a well projected outlook.

A timid person should also boost his self-esteem by standing straight, without shaking in any way. Balance your energy by distributing your weight on both legs , the head should be raised and the spine erect while the arms are kept by the sides.

A confident pose indicates a narcissist personality which could be magnetic.

Another way to deal with timidity is to possess a specialized skill or knowledge.Someone who is trying to break the yoke of timidity should have something concrete to divulge. This can be easily accomplished by studying or learning a new skill.

In addition, engage your imagination, see yourself successful in that group ,see people gravitating towards you and imagine yourself very happy and exuberant. Imagine yourself at that presentation, see all the details, your clothing, the people seated, the excitement your speech is making on them, the lights in the room, in short all the details you can think of.

All of these coupled with your knowledge  and good appearance will get you in the right frame of mind in any situation and with these few weapons in your arsenal, you are ready to launch and defeat the pitchfork carrying monster called timidity.

Source by Dele Adeleke

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